When it comes to keeping pace with the topical and latest news in the cryptocurrency space, or gleaning worthwhile educational content, Telegram has proven over time to be a repository of resources and vital information for crypto folks, lovers and traders.
Telegram which is a cloud-based instant and fast-paced messaging service, is a potent tool in keeping oneself updated with the crytocurrency news cycle. Interestingly, the focal point of this article is to parade what l boldly call solid and reputable Crypto Telegram channels you can join out there
Telegram is a chat application akin to Slack and RocketChat. Telegram is Open Source and also has superb security features. I think it is pertinent to quickly define what Telegram is for the sake of those who are strangers to Telegram. Simply put, Telegram is an instant messaging service app that look like WhatsApp. However, Telegram plays host to certain unique features that makes it stand out.
Its Features

Covert Chat

Telegram allows end-to-end encryption messaging system. This implies that messages that are sent to and from communicating parties are deleted after a particular period of time after being read just like WhatsApp.

Groups & Supergroups

interestingly, Telegram embraces a system that enables up to 200 members per group, as against WhatsApp’s 256 members per group. However, Telegram’s “supergroup” feature can support up to 100,000 members.


Telegram also prides itself on its channel feature which is basically employed to disseminate messages to larger audiences. Here, this channel takes the form of a news feed that you can subscribe to and be feed consistently with updates. Note that Channel can play host to unlimited number of subscribers.

Bot Functionality

another distinctive feature of Telegram is that it enables its users to program and process bots that can be optimised to handle messages automatically. Most times, Users interact with these bots by sending command messages in group environments.

I hope that explanation is clear and concise. Now let us move further to the crux of the matter- crypto Telegram channels and groups that are causing waves out there.

1)Cointelegraph (@Cointelegraph)

Number of subscribers: 102,000

Focal Point : Channel operations cover Fintech, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies. It equally offers incisive and useful analysis on the future of money.

Approx Post Rate: 10+ per day

Description:Cointelegraph is unarguably one of the renowned and reputable cryptocurrency publications in the entire Crypto space, committed to offering content which include market analysis, educational articles, latest news updates and op-ed pieces. Cointelegraph conveys content from their online platform and disseminate it within their Telegram channel. Note that Cointelegraph also provides a Spanish Telegram channel designed primarily for all Spanish speakers out there.

2). CoinDesk (@CoinDesk_News)

Number of Subscribers:2,300,000

Focal Point : Cryptocurrency and Blockchain news.

Approx Post Rate: 10+ per day

Description: Just like Cointelegraph,CoinDesk equally reels out incisive and profound market analysis, latest news updates and op-eds. CoinDesk shares a lot of grounds with Cointelegraph, sharing many similarities with it. CoinDesk also conveys content from their website and distribute it within their channel. CoinDesk is a well trusted and loaded place to be.

3) Bad Crypto Podcast (@thebadcryptopodcast)

Number of Subscribers: 3,500

Focal point : Beginner-friendly Telegram group.

Approx Post Rate: N/A

Description: The Bad Crypto Podcast is a very popular crypto-podcast hosted by Travis Wright and Joel Comm. Again, Bad Crypto is a beginner-friendly podcast primarily designed to sensitise newcomers and greenhorns about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Interestingly, The Bad Crypto Podcast Telegram group is also a viable platform for beginners, affording them the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to them. In addition, Bad Crytopodcast serves as an environment for crytocurrency and blockchain-based discourse and analysis and as well offering market news and educational articles.

4). Ian Balina Crypto Alerts (@IanBalinaCryptoAlerts)

Number of Subscribers: 26,400,000

Focus: Cryptocurrency alerts/updates from influencer Ian Balina.

Approx Post Rate: 3-5 per day

Description: Ian Balina, a former IBM employee , ventured into the world of crypocurrency and emerged as an influencer. He is now well noted for his highly analytical, data-driven approach to ICO (initial coin offering) investing. It will interest you to know that this insightful approach has led Balina to his fortune, now in the league of one of the most popular crypto-millionaires presently in the crypto space. Balina’s telegram channel also features educational reviews and ICO reviews in which Balina applies his data-driven approach to several upcoming ICOs. For those interested in ICO investing, Balina’s Telegram channel includes ICO reviews, where Balina applies his data driven approach to numerous upcoming ICOs.

5)Whale Team:

This a trading group which preoccupies itself with cryptos, forex and other assets. It has a somewhat traffic with nearly 2500 members , an ideal place for rapid fire chat user.