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The truth remains that most people barely know anything about either of these topics. Moreover, the two subjects represent two vast opposites terms from a cultural perspective. And in the eyes of many persons, tax law represents excessive regulations laid down by the central government agency, which are imposed on […]

Cryptomedia News this week

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We have come to the end of another week and as usual, we are bringing to you five profound news articles that caught our attention this week. Enjoy them below. Cryptocurrency influencers are even worse than normal influencers   Cryptocurrency, which has long suffered from a branding problem, can certainly benefit […]

Cryptopmedia News This Week

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  It has been a week if huge gains for crypto Investors this week and it is vital we access the top news for the week. $2.2 Billion and Climbing: How Litecoin Surged 10% Overnight to Become the 4th Largest Cryptocurrency   Litecoin (LTC) has increased by more than 10 […]


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Brief History Governments of the world have always maintained policies that do not in any way support cryptocurrencies. And Russia, one of the largest countries in the world by land mass is not left out of these countries. The anti-cryptocurrency actions and policies that we experience with the Russian government […]

Cryptomedia News This Week

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  Another week has passed by in the cryptocurrency world and we are super excited to present some of the news that broke out this week.   A new Harry Potter–themed cryptocurrency is like a more private version of Bitcoin   In the Harry Potter books, the tongue-tying curse was […]


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The cryptocurrency industry performed nothing less than wonder in 2017. But, 2018 proved to be a troubling one for the industry of cryptocurrency. But regardless of the falls faced last year, we talked trust that 2019 is a promising year for the cryptocurrency sector. Even though the presence of all […]

Cryptopmedia News This Week

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It’s another week end and I am here to present to you the biggest news in the Crypto industry this week.   Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Could Give Surprise Boost To Bitcoin Adoption leaked images of the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S10 suggest the smartphone could aid bitcoin adoption with […]


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The term, ‘Bear Market’ goes way back into the early years of the New York Stock Exchange. In its simple entirety, related to the cryptocurrency market; bear market is a period in time in which cryptocurrency values prices are constantly falling. You can also consider a bear market to be […]

Cryptomedia News This week

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What a week! The world of Cryptocurrency keeps getting better despite the bear season. In this week’s edition, we will be witnessing the ‘wins’ which are being recorded in the industry and how these wins are going to positively affect investors. Stay tuned! Grayscale Adds Stellar as Latest Cryptocurrency Investment […]

Is Facebook Getting her Own Cryptocurrency?

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Facebook’s Early Moves The fact that the world anticipates the introduction of multinational companies into the cryptocurrency business is not new. And the cryptocurrency space is clouded with different speculations concerning the possible companies that will be on the green zone in the coming months, and one of such companies […]