5 Top ICO Projects to Look Forward To

A start-up can start small, growing at its own rate. This it can do, or it can look outside for support at its early stages, giving it a quick cash flow but at the extent of giving away part of its ownership to investors. It can also generate funds from investors through the use of Initial Public Offering (IPOs). ICOs (Initial Coil Offering) are somewhat an equivalent of IPOs, it acts as fundraiser and it has, over the years become a standard method that start-ups and enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies use in raising funds. A company, looking forward to simply create a new coin, a service, or an application launches an ICO. Which is where you as an investor comes in, these ICOs that come at a little or no price at all are offered to you, you invest in them and if you are lucky, the coin will increase in value.
Actually, it borders more on intensive studies and most times, guts, more that luck. So knowing a particular ICO product that will yield much returns takes expertise knowledge. 2018 saw so many ICOs project come to being, 2019 promises even more projects. More reasons why you have to carefully select the ICO projects you have to lock your eyes on. I have quite a few but below are my top five ICOs projects to look forward to in 2019.


Angenium is a company that in their claims saves our environment from pollution. This they do with the use of technological approaches that recycles waste into products which are pretty valuable in the market. Angenium is a unique company because the technology at their disposal, on which the recycling of waste is carried out is not in the market, and it definitely has no substitute. The token of this ICO is ANG, starting at a price of 1 ANG = 1 USD. The ICO platform for this ICO is Etherum.
ICO Timeline: 14th January – 15th March, 2019


Known to be the first fully integrated block-chain based payment gateway in the middle east and recently, Africa. It is more or less designed to suit the Islamic society has the company have continued to stress how compatible their payment terminals are in compliant with Islamic rules in the middle east. Some of these rules are what makes it stand out in my opinion; the first of it is that interest is not allowed. The token for this ICO is MPAY, valued at 1 MPAY = 0.165 USD. The ICO is offered through the Etherum platform and it is currently operating in the UAE.
ICO Timeline: 15th January – 15th March, 2019


It is a blockchain utility company, geared towards the adoption of the tracking of blockchain to the global market. Endchains provides corporations the ability to extract generic barcode alongside blockchain QR code with the help of their patent-pending QR and barcode combination. The token for this ICO is ENCN, valued at 1 ENCN = 0.24 USD.
ICO Timeline: 1st February – 30th April, 2019


Namacoins is aimed at becoming a token for supporting developments in third world countries through the use of Namastree devices, with the help of data scientists. Namastree devices are powered with the use of photovoltaic cells (PVC). These photovoltaic cells are placed on the devices just like the crown of trees. The devices have market values, as they can be used to power various systems that are service oriented. The token is NAM, valued at 1 NAM = 0.5 USD. The coins that are accepted are ETH and BTC, using the Etherum framework.
ICO Timeline:


Geon is a crypto network that enables the transfer of values between individuals. The geon network however is unique in the sense that the receiver of the transfer does not have to be on a blockchain network. Instead, he simply provides proof of location to validate the transaction. The token is GEON, valued at 1 GEON = 0.1 USD. It is can be purchased using BTC, ETH and Flat. One down side of this ICO is that it is restricted to some particular areas.
ICO Timeline : 31st January – 3`st March, 2019

How to Market an ICO

What is an ICO?

Bitcoin Magazine portrays an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a “raising money component in which new undertakings offer their fundamental crypto tokens”. Now and again blockchain organizations allude to consider this procedure a Token Generation Event (TGE).
Organizations start ICO with the plan of raising digital currency to build up a cryptographic money blockchain application while remunerating early speculators with free tokens for their help.
ICOs are not to be mistaken for Initial Public Offerings (IPO), which empower shareholding to be openly disseminated through guarantors, or venture banks when an organization opens up to the world about offering their stocks.
The principle differentiator between the two is that IPOs offer rewards as benefit profits by shareholding, and ICOs offer their crypto tokens as a shape as a byproduct of interests in the venture.

Phases of an ICO

An ICO is certifiably not a static element or a settled procedure that demonstrates effective for each sort of blockchain coin discharge. The blockchain venture that wants to raise reserves by means of pre-deal token buys advances through an actual existence cycle of stages.
Each stage gives a chance to include new esteem while uncovering dangers while giving financial specialists understanding into the execution of the underlying coin advertising.
A natural ICO client encounter (UX) relies upon unmistakably instructing potential financial specialists on how ICOs function, what they gain (or hazard) by putting resources into your venture and by giving straightforwardness into the soundness of the underlying coin offering and task status.

The fundamental segments of an ICO are:

These stages can be separated further into pre-declaration activities, statistical surveying, and offer readiness.
A token white paper is typically drafted while the group is built up, plan or advancement associations are shaped, and the extent of assets important to make the raise fruitful is resolved.
ICO Offer Preparation comprises of:

  • Presentation
  • Statistical surveying
  • Coin Value Proposition
  • Specialized Specifications
  • Utilize Cases
  • Pre-ICO Preliminary Investments
  • ICO Conditions for Investments
  • Advancement Roadmap
  • Money related Projects
  • Group and Advisory Board
  • End


Issues with ICOs


A July 2018 Bloomberg provide details regarding CryptoAsset Market Coverage Initiation exhibits that while half of all crypto resources are either named security or utility tokens, 90% of significant worth is in coins, while tokens have a 4x speed when contrasted with coins.
Burrowing further, the report uncovers that out of the $8 Billion USD raised, $6.6 Billion USD subsidized effective ICOs, with around 1/tenth of all ICO gathering pledges going to tricks. To calm doomsayers, it’s essential to take note of that $1.2 Billion lost to fake ventures went to three ICO extortion extends that are confronting SEC administrative activity.
Like IPOs that offer securities and offers, blockchain ventures experience ICO additionally ask for gathering pledges from financial specialists.
Two noteworthy obstacles that square ICO gathering pledges endeavors are:

  • Setting up validity
  • Working with potential government direction

Financial specialists need to know precisely what they’re putting their cash into and when they will get ROI. On the off chance that a task isn’t trusted or on the off chance that it possibly won’t agree to SEC directions, a speculator will be reluctant to support it.
Straightforwardness in formative courses of events and financing assignment is one path for ICO organizations to guarantee they remain lined up with their unique objectives while likewise keeping speculators on top of it.
Open courses of events are another arrangement, insofar as the ICO is sure it can stay aware of the venture’s objectives and desires.


Since blockchain is as yet another innovation, the legalities encompassing ICOs are hazy. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) still can’t seem to completely characterize the structure for ICOs to be viewed as security contributions, which can prompt claims if a supposed security offering isn’t appropriately enlisted. ICO organizations will need to look for lawful counsel to stay away from potential lawful issues.

Marketing an ICO Project

Crowdsourced raising money does not pivot completely on the disturbance estimation of a task or the awards of the establishing group. Dialect and plan components potential speculators first experience while investigating your venture can play an integral factor in getting and holding potential financial specialist’s consideration and undertaking steadfastness.
Consider it from a financial specialist’s point of view who are you more inclined to trust?

  • Organization A: an ICO with conflicting informing, essential site, and a hazy incentive of the item advertising
  • Organization B: an ICO with an all around built showcasing site, strong marking, steady informing, impactful representations, and continuous updates from the advancement group?

Our wager is that you picked Company B. You know the genuine estimation of your ICO, and banding together with an organization can enable you to interpret what you intrinsically esteem about your task into a site and showcasing effort that gives the perceivability and notoriety your ICO needs to succeed.

Interior Processes

Advertising an ICO is an extreme occupation, particularly as more blockchain ventures are beginning to immerse the space. The underlying curiosity of ICOs is starting to wear off, and an ICO needs to emerge to pick up consideration.

  • Contender Evaluation
  • Ethnographic Research
  • ICO Marketing Website
  • Promoting Strategy
  • Token Sales System

ICO promoting efforts rely upon notoriety and perceivability. It is sad to unearth ICOs that fizzle in light of the fact that their showcasing endeavors miss the mark.
Advertiser Dr. Jeffrey Lant’s Rule of Seven expresses that purchasers need to see an item no less than seven times previously focusing on a buy. Joining forces with an organization helps ICOs consistently contact the correct gatherings of people through marking, showcasing web composition, and promoting procedures.
These procedures include:

  • Email memberships
  • Website optimization methodologies
  • Abundance battles
  • Occasion arranging and advancement
  • Public statements

Precedents of ICOs

Pondering what makes an ICO UX effective? The following are models of ICOs that convey an extraordinary UX and made shrewd, targetted showcasing choices.
Ethereum is a dispersed figuring stage that makes utilization of savvy contracts to mechanize forms. At the point when in ICO, it spoke to financial specialists and nerds alike in light of the fact that it was one of the first of its kind.
Ethereum unmistakably passed on the estimation of interest in the brilliant contract and convention blockchain. It additionally conveyed a natural ICO UX by following principals of plan. The initial 12 hours of the pre-offer of the Ethereum token, Ether, brought 3,700 bitcoins up in 42 days.
Storj is a blockchain-based scrambled distributed storage arrangement. While comparative arrangements had just graced the decentralized stage, individuals floated towards Storj as a result of its effortlessness and convenience. Financial specialists and clients valued the straightforward ICO UX in the midst of a horde of burdensome blockchain applications.