No doubts; cryptocurrency has become a big subject of interest and importance. Although it is still considered by standards to be in its early years, so most people still do not have in depth knowledge of how the cryptocurrency world operates. However, there exist experts who, apart from having deep knowledge of cryptocurrency, they have taken time to design courses that will aid in passing this knowledge. So if you are someone that is looking forward to an introduction to the cryptocurrency world, or you are already in that world, looking to up your game, I have good news for you… There are courses with certifications that you can take. These courses can be taken both offline and online. But I do not want to complicate things, so I am just going to present you with the online courses. In order to keep things simple, I have listed the best courses base on online rating.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Host: Udemy

This course, as the name suggest is your ideal first choice on the path to gaining knowledge about Bitcoin and blockchain. It is a course that can be taken by anyone, whether you are a business man, a student or just a curious person wanting to know the basics of blockchain and bitcoin technology. Don’t be deceived by the fundamentals though, there are actually advanced topics in the course contents. Among the topics includes smart contracts and digital tokens. Mind you, this is not a course that is geared towards programmers who want to learn the basics or the back-end development of the blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency Made Easy: A Beginners Bootcamp

Host: Udemy

The Beginners’ Bootcamp is a course that is intentionally geared towards learning the ins and outs of cryptocurrency trading. It introduces you to the diverse terms that are related to cryptocurrency trading, incorporating you into the cryptocurrency trading community which as you know has a lot of potential for growth. The instructor of the course, Brendan Ellis took time to give a step by step guide to creating a crypto account, buying cryptocurrency coin and keeping them safe. By safe, I am talking about growing your investment in the cryptocurrency market capital.

Certified Cryptocurrency Expert

Host: Blockchain Council

The Certified Cryptocurrency Expert course is a professional course, with course contents set to give you in depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency market. If you are someone in need of a course that will prove your abilities in cryptocurrencies, or you want a course that will increase your chances of getting hired in the crypto industry, or you just want to have a deep knowledge of the industry, then this course is for you. Not everybody can finish this course, majorly because it is very exhaustive, especially with the exercises and exams. So if you are not ready for a challenging experience, then you are not ready to take this course.

The Cryptocurrency Bible

Host: Udemy

Yeah right, a cryptocurrency bible. This is a course that is considered to be laced with the fundamental knowledge that is needed to kick off your cryptocurrency journey. The course content includes introduction to cryptocurrency, setting up a wallet and the trade of values. If you have little or no basic knowledge of cryptocurrency, and you want be a professional in the twinkle of an eye, then this course is your best bet.

Blockchain – Principles and Practices

Host: Pluralsight

This is a course for developers, if you like to go deep beneath the covers; this is a course for you. The contents of this course will offer you a deep understanding of how blockchain works. If you are looking forward to delving into bitcoin and ethereum, then you have to consider taking this course. The instructor, Stephen Hunts provides the users of this course with the information needed in the exploration of the fundamental data structures. Also, it explores the algorithms that are utilized in building a typical blockchain. The exercises of this course are super fun too, before you finish it, you will be able to build a working blockchain – as an example of course.