CoinBene is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform with operations around the world. it is designed to make it easier for anybody, everybody to trade in cryptocurrency in a trustless and worthy manner. Coinbene user interface is not different from other exchanges, and like the popular exchanges, it offers a wide range of cryptocurrency trading pairs.
The CoinBene website, in the company’s bit to make it accessible to anybody can be viewed in different languages. The default language is Chinese as its headquarter is in Singapore. However, you can choose from other language options like English, Korean, Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Creating a New Account
Creating a new account is easy but it takes time. To make it all easy, I have decided to give a detailed explanation; in words and in pictures.

Step 1: Visit

The Coinbene homepage is as shown above. To make things easy, make sure you bookmark this page. At the top right of the page are ‘Lon In’, ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Deposit’ buttons. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ option.

Step 2: Sign Up Button

The sign up tab is as shown below. You are required to fill in your email address and any password of your choice. Make sure you select the “Medium’ option in here. Before submitting your details with the ‘Sign Up’ button, make sure you go through the ‘Terms of Service’ to get acquainted with the contract between the company and yourself.

Step 3: Account Settings

From your account homepage, click on the section showing your email address at the top left of the page. A drop down menu will be displayed, select the account setting option and the tab below will come up.
Once you submit your details, an email verification tab prompting you to check your email address for a verification link will be sent to you. The format of the email is as shown below. Click on the ‘Email verification’ link to finish the confirmation of your account.

After clicking on the link sent to your email, the tab as shown below will appear, telling you that your Coinbene account has been successfully verified. After email verification, you will proceed to the identity verification.

Step 4: Security Set Up

For the 2FA security confirmation, you will have to install Google Authentication app.  For these settings, follow these steps:


  1. Click ’Set’ in the same row as ‘Google Auth not Set’
  2. The tab that comes up after the previous step is shown below, it will prompt you to check your email address. If you do see the mail, check the junk mail box. And if it is not there, click on the mail resend.
  3. The format of the email is as shown above. Click the “Set Google Auth” link that is in the mail.

On clicking the confirmation link, your browser will open a new tab as shown below.  Coinbene provides a QR code and security key, the key is meant to be stored outside your phone in case you lose your phone.

The steps for the Google Authentication are as given above. But for clarification, make sure that  you have Google Authentication app installed on your mobile device. You can get it from any of the app store of different OS platforms. When you download it open the app then scan the QR code, or enter a security key consisting of a sequence of characters as shown above. After doing this, look at the Coinbene account section of app with a six-digit code, enter it at the “Verify Code” field and click “Ok” to complete the verification.
Note: The six digit code expires every 30 seconds. So you have to be fast about it.
When you click ‘Ok’, you will be returned to the Account Setting page. And if your Google Auth Set was successful, the ‘Set’ that was at the right hand side will now be ‘Reset’. You don’t have to worry about the phone number setting because Coinbene currently has only two international phone codes.  Your next step is the Pin Verification. Click on ‘Set’ on the ‘PIN’ option.

Step 5: Pin Verification

To be able to perform transactions on Coinbene, you need to set a PIN. Open the Google Authenticator security app, put the six-digit code in the “Verify” box, then enter any PIN of your choice in the “PIN” box, then click “OK” to finish. Make sure you write your pin somewhere safe.
Congratulations, you have successfully opened a Coinbeme account. The tab below will come up after you have set your pin.