I believe the first question to ask I’m other to understand this aspect of Bitcoin should be, What is cryptocurrency? According to definitions by high intellectuals, cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses secret code for security.
But unlike virtual currency,  the government or central Bank of the country is responsible for any loss. Bitcoin is traded on a decentralized public digital ledger known as the blockchain. Actually, Bitcoin isn’t the only type of cryptocurrency. Several exist such as Ethereum etc.
So what skills and acquisitions that are needed for cryptocurrency jobs?
According to a recent data analysis, the cryptocurrency job market is on the high side. Posing high gains. Using analysis provided we found that listings for jobs pointing towards the sizes of  “cryptocurrency” or “bitcoin,” have risen 194% since, from 2018 to 2017.
\Are you curious if there’s a job in cryptocurrency for you? Here are 5 Jobs that are targeted towards Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Business Development Representative

The function of these are, as with any other founding and growing field, cryptocurrency is on he lead of founding new business opportunities, creating  Job opportunities, across industries (finance, health care, including real estate).
So there’s a need for you to check out these opportunities and seek to partner with them and also close deals.  Your tools would be a deep knowledge of the aim of the company’s cryptocurrency application. They should have some sales experience and stellar communication skills within their grasp.

Data Scientist

Harrison Brady, communications specialist at Frontier Communications, a telecommunications company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, made a comment saying “Blockchain technology is relatively new and often misunderstood, which means that there is extremely high demand for experts in data science”.
If your aim is to make it big. I mean large and be in demand, think about becoming a data scientist in cryptocurrency. With an average salary of $120,931 per year. All you need to do is have the ground deep knowledge in cryptocurrency.
What does the job entail? Simple.  Making right correct predictions about cryptocurrency prices by interpreting patterns using  insights driven by analytical data. A degree in computer science or mathematics degree is needed.
Flexibility is a required skill since your job will probably be made redundant by AI in the coming years.


Everybody wants to be known and heard, so also investors in Bitcoin also want people to know about them. And who is more qualified to handle this department other that news publicists?
A lot of articles have been written on cryptocurrency to make it the most searched headline of the year in the business world. Many articles have been published on this topic and this in return has increased the search for writers. If you have a knack of writing and can sense the right opportunity in the market then there you go.

Financial Analyst

These are their duties such as hedge funds and insurance agencies, as well as with private investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency.
A typical working day involves investments, developing investment strategies, evaluating risks, and maintaining investment portfolios.
Things needed would include having a bachelor degree in financial analysis as well as a license. Also with skill in high level analysis, computer, and math skills will make you a potential candidate when applying to cryptocurrency-oriented jobs.
A knowledge is need to be able to understand how people, new regulations, economic trends may affect investments and political situations.

Smart Contract Developer

The term Smart Contract Developer comes with creating smart contracts for Ethereum using its programming language.
However, with new blockchains coming to limelight, being a smart contract developer doesn’t in anyway put a limit unto the Ethereum blockchain.
Smart technology being the main feature that make applicable blockchain to all Organizations, it’s an amazing career to dwelve into.
First you will need to be a regular Developer with a bachelor degree and a deep knowledge in computer science. Then a study on Ethereum blockchain or any other blockchain/cryptocurrency and studying it’s programming language.