What is Cryptocurrency? Detail explanation for beginners.

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Cryptocurrency is a computerized or virtual cash anticipated to work as a mode of exchange. It uses cryptocurrency to anchor and ensure trade and moreover to organize the production of new units of a specific digital money. Mainly, cryptocurrency forms of money are controlled passages in a database that no […]


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For Cryptop Media users, Effective October 14, 2018, Cryptotimes underwent a change of control and changed its name to Cryptop Media. Your primary contact and all billing, shipping and mailing addresses will remain unchanged. We would appreciate it if you would bring this announcement to the attention of all areas […]

Detail explanation of bitcoin with lighting network

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Hello world, as we are in the 21st century we have seen much developments in science and technology. Even our currency became digitalized. Cryptocurrency is one simple example of that.  Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which allows you to buy goods and services or simply we can say it is […]

Simple Guide for EOS

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EOS is Ethereum Operating System, is a blockchain controlled system. A decentralized system that allows hosting, development and execution of commercial decentralized applications. To understand EOS, one has to understand blockchain and its essence in enabling the functionality and efficiency of EOS. What is Blockchain? A blockchain is simply a […]