Best Crypto Games to Earn Coins

There are a lot of ways that you can earn crypto coins without the need to deposit any equivalent crypto token or the fiat equivalent. From the use of faucet sites, to taking of polls, even freelance works. The problem with this form of earning however is that you will earn crypto coins in fractions which is always small, compared to the time invested in them. Plus it is outright boring; trust me, I have been there.
Any ways, how about earning coins and having fun doing it? There are quite a lot of ways you could do this and one of them is through the playing of games. These games allow you to earn coins or digital tokens which can be exchanged for any coin that is approved by the developers. And these games aren’t just any games, they are games that you can actually get lost in, eliminating the feeling of time wastage and of course; boredom. There are many of these games, but I can only give few. So without wasting much time, below are the best games to earn cryptocurrency coins.
Trading Games

  1. Altcoin Fantasy

The Altcoin Fantasy In this game, there is a leaderb that promises to teach you how to trade crypto within a risk-free environment. Test your trading skills on a competitive leaderboard environment without sacrificing any of your own hard earned money.
Altcoin Fantasy opens their doors to the public in January 2018. You can trade on their website or mobile app which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. They’re currently available to US and Canadian residents and are looking to expand to Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong very soo

2. SparkProfit

SparkProfit is a virtual cryptocurrency trading game that you can play anytime and anywhere. With this game, you get to learn skills on trading with cryptocurrency without risks. The game has a simulation in which a player can make predictions on real life financial market exchanges, and it is not just cryptocurrency, Forex is included. The more accurate your predictions are, the more points you earn. These points are eventually converted to any crypto coin of your choice

3. Huntercoin

If you’re a consistent gamer, then you will know massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). They are games that enable the participation of a lot of players. With cryptocurrency, a new phase of these games known as massively multiplayer online crypto-coin game (MMOCG) has been on the rise. Huntercoin is one of the first generational games of this phase. For a player in this game, you are faced with two objectives;

  • Hunt for coins and take them to the bank
  • Kill other hunters while doing this

Players are rewarded for every action that they take with crypto coins. Of a player is killed, their collected coins are released back into the map, making them available for others to fight for. The tokens collected in the game are Huntercoins which of course, is not worth much in the market capitalization index But you can trade Huntercoin for Bitcoin on Poloniex

4. Steem Monsters

Steem Monsters is a game that is hosted on the Steem blockchain platform. It is a card game all the data as regards the gae are stored on the platform on which it is hosted. The gameplay revolves round battles. Winners are eventually paid in Steem, rare cards and Steem dollars. There is also a market place in the game where you can buy, sell and trade your earned cards with fellow players. The market is run on Steem. One Steem is worth over $0.43 USD and it is among the top promising altcoins in the crypto market

5. Worldopo

When we talk about the games that are at the cutting edge of the technological revolution, then Worldopo is at the top of the list. Worldopo is a game that combines augmented reality and virtual reality into a real world-building simulation. It uses data from Google Maps which allows players to buy real streets in cities around the world. The gameplay involves players attacking buildings and corporating with other players to build the economy. You can earn Ether, Bitcoin and WPT, its own token.
As stated earlier, these aren’t the whole games that are out there. But if you start with any of these ones, your chances of earning more crypto coin is higher.

Cryptocurrency to the Rescue in Venezuela

Venezuela is currently going through humanitarian crisis; this has resulted to the exodus of a lot of its citizens. According to reports, over a million people have taken flight from the country in the last one year, and there seems to be no hope that this will slow down, as the crisis that are rocking the country does not in any way look like it is ending soon.  As a result of this crisis, the citizens have been forced to live with hyperinflation for over four years now. Hyperinflation in simple terms is a phenomenon in which the general population of a country chooses to invest its wealth in stable foreign currencies, or in non-monetary assets.
Its national currency which is called bolivar unbelievably hit a 57.3% inflation rate in early 2014. And by the end of that same year, the inflation had gone up to 100%. This meant that the bolivar (VEF) was losing its value at a rapid rate, and with the neglect by the government, it hit 46,000% in early 2018.
In a bid to find a long term solution to this problem, the international bodies set plans in motion to influence policies that would alleviate the sufferings that Venezuelans were going through, while at the same time keep a standing pressure on the leaders of Venezuela. It was on this note that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dash came to being in the country, providing a lifeline for Venezuelans in search of investments and medium of exchanges in which they could trust.

Cryptocurrency Market in Venezuela

The cryptocurrency market in Venezuela has continued to be on the rise since its inception. Despite the fact that the Maduro regime, in its bid to back up its political hold of the country has been making efforts to control the economy and curb international aid, cryptocurrency has continued to thrive. The technology is providing a kind of external aid through P2P cash mechanisms. Citizens are sending remittances on the blockchain platform, eliminating a third party institution and thereby reducing cost. Also, there has also been donation to NGOs within the country from foreigners through the blockchain platform in order to buy and distribute food within the country. The most traded cryptocurrencies in the country are Bitcoin and Dash, with the Venezuelan government launching its own crypto project known as PetroDollar recently.

Bitcoin and Dash

In the year 2016, the number of Bitcoin traded via LocalBitcoins in Venezuela was 8624. This was a a 318.8% increase over the previous year, a year that Venezuela’s inflation rate hit an all-time high of 700%. The following year, it rose to 21,560, a whopping 150% over the 2016 increase. This is just one of the many indicators of the growth of Bitcoin in the country even as the inflation rate continued to rise higher. This growth portrayed in details does not in any way suggest the government didn’t try to crackdown on the cryptocurrency. Apart from that, it is not the only cryptocurrency that the Venezuelans know, hence when the king of cryptocurrency took a nosedive in 2017, Venezuelans fond solitude in Dash.
The cryptocurrency company (Dash) in its report in 2018 made it known that Venezuela was its  scond biggest market. So big that it is more popular than even Bitcoin in the country. Its superiority over Bitcoin in terms of confirmation times, transaction fees is what made it popular in Venezuela. Also, because of the relative price of Bitcoin to the bolivar, it is believed that Bitcoin is not good for micro-transactions. Hence, a lot of merchants in the country opt to trade with Dash. Dash has also made concerted efforts to drive its adoption by the people of Venezuela.


You will probably think that the government of Venezuela is not in support of cryptocurrency. But despite the crackdown it carried out of Bitcoin miners in the country, they had to consider the situation they were in and then decided that it was time to change the story of hyperinflation. In 2018, the government introduced the first state owned cryptocurrency; Petrodollar. The PetroDollar is an oil backed cryptocurrency that the government hopes to leverage in solving the issue of the devaluation of its cryptocurrency. It is going to be measured in terms of barrels and from the news on ground, a Petrodollar is an equivalent of a barrel of oil.

Cryptocurrencies in the Healthcare Sector

Cryptocurrency is a revolutionary innovation that is expected to change the financial sector in the nearest future. Apart from the financial sector, it has been linked with a lot of other fields that implicates and somehow involves the flow of money. One thing that the innovative technology brought to being is the trustless platform in which the generation processes and the transaction histories are very transparent, eliminating the need for a third party. And on a broader scale, the platform on which this technology runs –Blockchain- is perhaps a solution to a lot of data transfer problems that we are faced with today, particularly in the healthcare sector.
It has been proven overtime that the involvement of a third party body in the health sector is a huge financial constraint that the healthcare sector has been made to shoulder. The elimination of these third parties will not just reduce these financial constraints; it will lead to a system in which data in their volumes can be handled without the need for privacy and security issues. It is on this basis that I say that blockchain; under the auspices of cryptocurrencies is a great way to improve the efficiency of the healthcare sector, and at the same time reducing the cost of healthcare.
In the year 2017, IBM did a study which showed that a chunk of healthcare executives (16percent) had plans of implementing blockchain technologies by the end of 2017. 56percent of the remaining executives were also planning on implementing the same technology by 2020.carried out a study which showed that approximately 16% of healthcare executives were planning to implement blockchain solutions already by year end. Another 56% were planning to do it by 2020. It’s 2019 and the enthusiasm has is still very much in the air as we have seen cryptocurrency projects that are geared towards making the healthcare sector better, either through the management of data, provision of healthcare aids and even the shipping of drugs and vaccines.

The Promise of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Quite alright, the blockchain technology is mostly associated with cryptocurrency. But its use has gone beyond just cryptocurrencies as a number of industries have started to explore the prospects of this technology, with implementations already in place. The basis of this exploration is hinged on the fact that data in Blockchain are stored blocks that can’t be tampered with without due permission. The promise that this brings to the healthcare sector is clear. But below are few of the promises;

  1. Traceable Patient Records

If the records of patients are record and stored with constant updates in a system built on the blockchain platform, they become secured and unalterable. This means that a patient can simply grant access to any healthcare provider to access and modify these records, creating long health history of the patient in the process. The current system in which this is done is the transfer of medical data from one healthcare centre to another. And then there is the problem of breaches in database where most of these records can either be lost or altered

 2. Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is rampant in the healthcare sector. This happens mostly when patients and healthcare providers falsify information to support their claims to receive payable benefits. This results in the billing for services that were never performed and sometimes, there is the falsification of patients’ medical conditions to justify tests. All of these practices lead to the increase in cost of providing basic healthcare to people. Blockchain promises to solve this issue as it will bring about a drastic reduction of fraud as the information provided by patients is stored in a decentralized system. This means that anybody with the right permission can access medical records.

3. Pharmaceutical Theft and Fraud

Pharmaceutical companies since time memorial have been faced with problems of fraud and theft. Most of these anomalies happens in the process of movement of drugs and vaccines from the manufacturer’s to the consumer’s end. The implementation of blockchain will ensure a full record of the movement of pharmaceutical products. Blocking the loopholes involved in the process. This is as demonstrated VeChain who is using blockchain technology to track vaccines and drugs that goes out of China. According to experts, implementing blockchain will not only reduce theft and fraud, it will reduce the issue of drug counterfeits.

Becoming rich as a student through Cryptocurrency

Since its inception in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has created a lot of millionaires. Introducing the world to new set of technology that poses a threat to the traditional way in which we handle financial contracts. But digital currency in itself is not different from the traditional investment schemes like stocks and bonds. In fact, it has been proven to be a more unstable and volatile when compared its alternatives. Hence, the general opinion that it is a get rich quick scheme is not true. However, this does not in any way change the opportunities that exist for investors. Just like every other commodity, everybody with the right money can invest in it; including students.
So, how do you leverage these opportunities as a student to become rich?

  1. Buy/Trade a Cryptocurrency

As a student, your first option to getting rich trough cryptocurrency is by buying or trading in cryptocurrency. You have to own it before first. I know that students are laced with academic expenses and all that, but nobody got rich in investing without making sacrifice. You can start by investing your pocket money, or the little change you get when you do part-time work. There are a whole lot of exchange platform in which you can buy cryptocurrencies even in their smallest fractions. One of them is Coinbase, an exchange platform with a top notch user interface. It is unarguable the best exchange for starters in crypto buying and trading.
Now, when you buy cryptocurrency, you have to hold it till it appreciates. Or sell it when it is depreciating. But we all hope for appreciation, so you have to start by investing in cryptocurrencies with high prospects. However, you need to be careful as cryptocurrency is a volatile commodity. Heed to the number one advice in investment; do not invest more than you can afford. As a student, chances are you might not be able to invest much in cryptocurrencies in the top market index. You can start like the current Bitcoin and Ethereum millionaires started; by investing in initial coin offerings (ICOs).
Crypto projects raises capital for their tokens through the use of ICOs. They sell these tokens at a very low price, most of which are at no cost. After this, it begins to appreciate or depreciate. If you pick the right project ICO, changes are you can make over 1000% profit of your investment in a matter of months.

  1. Accept Payment in Cryptocurrency

Do you have things to sell? Are you currently working for someone? Are you being pad to tutor other students? Accepting cryptocurrencies for payment is a sure way to be holders. However, you have to take note of the currency that you are accepting. It is advisable that if you must accept payment, it should be with the cryptocurrency projects that are on the top five of the market capitalization list. Imagine a student that was accepting payment in fractions of Bitcoin over his stay in school for whatever part-time job that he was doing in 2014. Chances that he would own about 20 Bitcoins by the end of his stay in school are high. And then when you consider the bullish rise in Bitcoin during the years that follows, you will know that 20Bitcoins is a whole lot.
With a little research, you can find buyers and employers that are willing to pay and make transactions with cryptocurrencies. Your job however is to determine what the service you are offering will cost and its equivalent in the cryptocurrency that is being used for the transaction. You can also sign up for competitions that rewards with cryptocurrencies.

  1. Blogging

There are millions of people out there looking for the right information that regards cryptocurrency. Ethereum founder, Butterin was a blogger before he started his company. I am not suggesting that you become a blogger to build your own company; rather I am saying that blogging can make you rich with the right content. Owning a website and blogging requires little or no investment apart from your time and dedication.

  1. Start a Crypto Project

Yes! Ethereum is among many other cryptocurrencies that had their beginning stages rooted in when the eventual founders were students.  With the recent boom in ICOs and dApp platforms, launching your own cryptocurrency on an established blockchain like Ethereum has become easy. Now we have crypto coins in the healthcare sector, in agricultural sector, the educational sector and even the governmental bodies are not left out in it. Although we have to agree that being rich should not be your first concern when starting a cryptocurrency project. You could also start an exchange company you know?
There we have it, my super list of how to get rich through cryptocurrency. As established earlier, cryptocurrency is not a get rich scheme. Do not invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Top Crypto Investments That Will Yield 1000% by 2025

What will cryptocurrency be in the future? What will your crypto investments worth in about 6 years from now? In no particular order we will discuss the features & future of some “currently” top cryptocurrencies. And in no particular order our first cryptocurrency will be:


Its genesis dates back to 2013. Zcash was formerly known as Zerocoin and was invented by a team of scientists; Matthew Green, Ian Miers, Christina Garman, Aviel D. Rubin
Zcash (ZEC) is another Crypto currency like bitcoin but with a few different features. Just like Bitcoin, it is based on a decentralised blockchain but allows for anonymity behind all transaction amounts and the parties involved. In Bitcoin if you know someone’s address you can follow their transactions and you can see all their addresses and their transaction amounts. Its quite clear how much money is moving around, with ZCash all the information is encrypted.
Yes! Zcash has caused a lot of controversy with its cryptocurrency distribution methods but this is because the organisation is not set up as an open source community but as a Company. This is the first major difference between ZEC and other cryptocurrencies such as the ethereum. Another very distinct difference is how they plan on rewarding  investors and workers in the Company. They plan on doing this by a tax on mining rewards called “Founders’ reward.”
Currently, the Zcash is at about $449 but experts believe that Zcash has the potential to fill the void left by the declining off-shore banking sector and to gather much more persons across different financial backgrounds into its fold and not only wealthy elites. Some perosns have even posited that the Zcash price would reach $6,289 at only one percent of the global off-shore wealth. That alone is an over 1000% increase from its current price level. Following this predictions, the Zcash could reach a peak of about $62,293 or more by 2025.


Rated as the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency, DASH brings alongside lots of promises; it is noteworthy to mention the fact that Dash is not subject to the pressure of mining cartels or feuding core developers and this goes to show that its appreciation could as a matter of fact, stabilize in a couple of years. We believe that DASH would receive more acceptance in the 2020 and upwards especially for peer-to-peer transactions such as money transfers. We also believe that if DASH’s superior blockchain makes it easier to carry out transactions, it could see its price going up to the $1,000 range. As we know, one of the most interesting feature of the DASH coin is its ability to transfer funds to prepaid debit cards with much more ease as compared to other cryptocurrencies. For 2025, if the DASH coin can continue to be an investment commodity and enjoy greater circulation and stability, we certainly will see the DASH coin reach a high of over $1,500. That would be over 1000% of its current price level.


Ethereum was invented by Vitalik Buterin and is known to run on smart contracts and accelerates hash time and consequently reduces processing time for transactions. The smart contracts enabling system of Ethereum has been widely accepted and adopted. It is now the second most valuable cryptocurrency and its popularity is expected to increase as it becomes adopted by more and more persons.
If we were to assume that both bitcoin and ethereum represent half the worth of the crypto market each having 25% (1,137,500,000,000), and then we divide this amount into 100,000,000 (the maximum amount of Ethereum to be in circulation) we will find the value of one Ethereum to be $11,375. However, on the long run like in 2025, most experts believe that the value of ethereum will be $30,000 seeing that ethereum is for a non-profit initiative; and that Ethereum is regulated by the forces of demand and supply and the demand for Ethereum is steadily increasing. So by 2025, citeris paribus ethereum will be 1000% more than its current value now.
So there you have it. That’s our list of top cryptos that will yield 1000% and more, though we know that other cryptocurrencies can yield good investments within the said period, but this post solely focuses on those crypto investments that would increase the yield by over 1000% more.

Why You Should Invest In Japanese Cryptocurrencies

The bullish rise in value of the cryptocurrency economy in 2017 was recorded to have been majorly influenced by countries from Asia. China for example was the biggest player in the Bitcoin market as it controlled 80% of the global trade volume of the creation of Satoshi Nakamato, but that was before the Chinese government started cracking down on digital currencies as a whole. If you can recall, you will be familiar with the famous ban on ICOs by the country which also triggered the closing of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange companies in the country. This led to China forfeiting their number one position, thereby giving other countries within the Asia continent to shine. Countries like Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea have cryptocurrency economy that is worth watching out for currently, but Japan among these countries has emerged as the next force.

World Power Status

Japan is an emerging world super power. Its national currency (Japanese Yen) in the cryptocurrency market is currently the second most traded currency, trailing just after the US dollar which is number one. As at January 2019, the Japanese Yen accounted for 57% of Bitcoin, and US dollars accounted for 28.4%. It is thus clear that although the US dollar is the overall leader in cryptocurrencies, Japan has overtaken China as the global leader in Bitcoin market. In April 2017, the government recognized Bitcoin as a form of payment. It then gave approval to about ten cryptocurrency exchanges companies to operate. The country even has a themed girl group called ‘The Virtual Currency Girls’. The Virtual Currency Girls is an eight member group whose members are representatives of eight different cryptocurrencies. All these developments are not as a result of chances; rather they are as a result of the approach in which the Japanese government has adopted in their dealings with cryptocurrencies. It is the first and only country which an institutionalized legal system that is regulating the trading of cryptocurrency, hence it provides the safety needed for investors who have nurtured concerns on trustworthiness of exchange companies.

Embrace of Cryptocurrency by Government

In macroeconomic terms, the embrace of cryptocurrency makes sense. Japan has taken time to recover from its so-called ‘Lost Decade’ of economic stagnation. Its relatively low growth and high savings rate make cryptocurrency an attractive option. While a trailblazer in tech development, Japan and its authorities are notoriously conservative when it comes to financial innovation. The government’s forward-looking attitude to virtual currencies may in fact be a reaction to that. The use of blockchain has given Japan an opportunity to shake things up a little and push local banks into more aggressive development. At the same time, the state’s proactive approach to regulation is also a way to keep crypto trading under centralized control.
Since the legalization, Japan has enjoyed what seems to be an endless cryptocurrency boom, with massive yields in retail investor interest and over-the-counter (OTC) services. Trading is not just their strong points as their trading companies are some of the best in the world; the country has also been a destination for testing of blockchain innovations. It is a general saying that most crypto currency start-up companies have higher chances of surviving through their first year if they have their market in the Japanese cryptocurrency market. They’re not just making strides when it comes to trading. Japan is also becoming an important testing ground for blockchain innovation. For example, the Japanese government in a bid to demonstrate their support for blockchain and cryptocurrency gave a go ahead for the partnership of Hitachi and Tech Bureau to build a blockchain system that runs on NEM-based Mijin Blockchain platform.
Currently, the issuance of ICOs is currently banned in Japan. And due to the regulation of the exchange companies in the country, the numbers of crypto coins that are traded in the market are limited. However, some of the top cryptocurrency companies in Japan include Coincheck, Bitflyer, Ginco, BitPoint, Tech Bureau and a host of others. Experts say that the best is yet to come for cryptocurrency in Japan as there are a lot of cryptocurrency projects that are being generated. With such backing from the government and a willing customer base reach, one cannot deny the fact that investing in Japanese cryptocurrency market is a gold mine.


The truth remains that most people barely know anything about either of these topics. Moreover, the two subjects represent two vast opposites terms from a cultural perspective. And in the eyes of many persons, tax law represents excessive regulations laid down by the central government agency, which are imposed on its subjects. This is in itself is a contrast to cryptocurrencies and the associated blockchain technologies which stand for a decentralized, unregulated and free society not under the control of a central power apparatus. More exacerbating is the reality that the complexity of these two spheres increases.

Where is it taxed?

The taxation of cryptocurrency varies from place to place. For example, in the United States, cryptocurrency is treated like real estate instead of being treated as a currency – it is treated as a property. It is also treated as a commodity like gold in some cases, and therefore it is subject to both the short-term and long-term capital gains tax. In most cases, it is regardless of whether it is used for the purchase of goods/services or for trading/investment.
On the other hand, countries in Europe follow a decentralized approach to the regulation of cryptocurrency. The United Kingdom treats Bitcoin like a foreign Currency. In Germany, if Bitcoin investments are held for less than one-year, German income taxes will apply. In Germany, income taxes are progressive and can be up to 45%. Even in Switzerland, cryptocurrency taxes are levied. This implies that Swiss residents will have to pay income tax, profit tax, and wealth tax on their cryptocurrency holdings.
However though, in just about all European countries as well as in Liechtenstein and Switzerland, the sales of cryptocurrencies are exempt from the Value Added Taxes.
A special feature in Liechtenstein is the integration of tax on wealth into income tax, as well as the principle that a source of income is either subjected to wealth tax, or to income tax. This helps to prevent double taxation. This means that every natural person with unlimited tax liability will have to declare holdings of cryptocurrencies at the beginning of every fiscal year and convert the values to their Swiss franc equivalent. More so, speculative gains from trading in cryptocurrencies are tax-free and do not necessarily have to be declared. This is not only very attractive in terms of the tax burden, but provides significant administrative relief as well.


As seen from the official IRS guidance, 2014; we understand that:

  • Trading cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency is a taxable event
  • Trading cryptocurrency to fiat currency like the dollar is a taxable event
  • Using cryptocurrency for goods and services purchase is a taxable event
  • Gifting cryptocurrency is not a taxable event the recipient will inherit the cost basis. The gift tax still applies if you exceed the gift tax exemption amount.
  • A cryptocurrency wallet-to-wallet transfer is not a taxable event as you can transfer between wallets or exchanges without realizing capital gains and looses, so make sure to check your records against the records of your exchanges as they may count transfers as taxable events as a safe harbor),
  • Also buying cryptocurrency with USD is not a taxable event. As you don’t realize gains until you trade, well or make use of your crypto. If you hodl longer than a year you can realize long-term capital gains they are about half the rate of short-term capital gains if you hold less than a year you realize short-term capital gains and losses.

It is therefore established that anything other than buying, holding, or transferring a cryptocurrency is a taxable event and this means you realize capital gains and losses at fair market value at the time of the event when you trade, sell, or use crypto.

How to pay

You’ll need to be prepared to pay capital gains taxes thus you will need fiat currency at tax time.
For the average Bitcoin user;

  • If you trade cryptocurrency for a good or service, it is important that you keep record of the transactions and report a fair-market value of the currency at the time of the transaction.
  • For times cryptocurrency is traded as a capital asset, either for another cryptocurrency or fiat currency (like the US dollar), you would need to keep a record and report all those transactions by using the fair-market values of cryptocurrencies in situations where one cryptocurrency is traded for another. Also, at the end of the year, you would need to report all cryptocurrency transactions and all the related gains and losses. You would then pay taxes accordingly (based on your total gains).

Cryptomedia News this week

We have come to the end of another week and as usual, we are bringing to you five profound news articles that caught our attention this week. Enjoy them below.

Cryptocurrency influencers are even worse than normal influencers

Cryptocurrency, which has long suffered from a branding problem, can certainly benefit from the seeming legitimacy celebrities bring, but it goes without saying that a dodgy partnership can directly impact the market and in turn, peoples’ virtual wallets.
Enticed by generous paychecks, celebrities may enter into an endorsement deal for reasons other than money. They may genuinely love and believe in the product, it may align with their own personal brand, but unfortunately, they repeatedly fail to understand what they’re endorsing.
Personal comment- I believe the message that is contained within this news is very self evident if you ask me. There are a whole lot of people who engage in investment due to the allure of the influencers. You see the face of your favorite celebrity and you immediately think the investment is the right one for you. This news simply reminds you of the need not to be gullible. Rather, make informed choices after removing personal sentiment.

Survey Finds Jump in Crypto Institutional Investment Over Next Five Years

According to a survey conducted by the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and shared with CoinTelegraph, a whopping 41 percent of polled institutional investors believe they will be entering the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sector within the next five years, with 16 percent saying it would happen with the next three years.
Personal comment- While I am usually the one to scream that this is a very good news for the Cryptocurrency industry, I think this news is giving me more concern than necessary. More ICOs usually means more opportunities to invest in better causes but it also opens up the world of scammers who are intent of making way with people’s hard earned cash. You should be on alert this time more than ever and watch out for all those bogus offerings that are subtle means of scam.

Crypto Nightmare: This Brazilian Investor Just Accidentally Bought Bitcoin at $20,000

Every crypto investor’s worst nightmare came true for one Brazilian trader, who accidentally bought bitcoin at a massive premium.
At one point, he bought 0.0047 BTC for 340 Brazilian reals, worth about $91. At press time, said amount of bitcoin is worth less than $15 on other exchanges, meaning at the rate he paid for a full bitcoin would’ve cost him the equivalent of over $19,400.
Personal comment- I must admit that I almost laughed when I read this news. However, I became sober with the realization that this could happen to anyone, including me. It is quite unfortunate however that this happened because it could have been stopped if the Investor had taken more precaution. Please listen up, do not ever make investment decisions without checking about it all along the way. If you are a little skeptical and not too versed, call up a friend of yours and verify. There is no shame at all in calling up someone, after all, it is your money. This was a really dark news that propped up this week.

Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse Explains Why He’s Not Scared of JP Morgan’s ‘Bank Cryptocurrency’

Multinational banking giant JP Morgantook an idea made famous by Ripple Labs (and other public crypto projects) – that blockchain can conduct cross-border transactions more swiftly than traditional interbank settlement system SWIFT – and rebranded it. To that end, the firm replaced Ripple’s distributed ledger with an Ethereum-inspired Quorum blockchain and XRP token with its new stablecoin, JPM Coin.
Personal comment: I brought this news out because of people who are closely watching out for Ripple. This piece of news may seem to be one that is very devastating at the first look, however, Ripple seems to be in a better place to bounce back and still retain the trust of investors.

Ethereum Has Shot Past Ripple’s XRP In The Cryptocurrency Rankings–Here’s Why

Ethereum, the decentralized app network and cryptocurrency rival to bitcoin, has continued to climb after last week’s sudden market pump, overtaking Ripple’s XRP digital token to reclaim the number two spot in the list of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.
The ethereum price has surged some 3% over the last 24 hour period to over $120 per ether token, according to the latest CoinMarketCap prices, as ripple (XRP) remains flat and the wider market holds onto its gains from late last week
Personal comment- Ethereum seems to be making great gains ever since February started and I believe that it would continue to maintain its steady growth. Though it is highly in doubt that it would ever match its all time high, Ethereum would still continue to remain. This should give the investors a little comfort.

Cryptopmedia News This Week

It has been a week if huge gains for crypto Investors this week and it is vital we access the top news for the week.

$2.2 Billion and Climbing: How Litecoin Surged 10% Overnight to Become the 4th Largest Cryptocurrency

Litecoin (LTC) has increased by more than 10 percent in value in the past 3 hours from $33 to $38, becoming the 4th largest currency in the global crypto market.
EOS, which secured its position as the 4th most valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum since 2018, was surpassed by Litecoin.
Personal comment- This is a massive win for us at Cryptomedia because we forecasted that Litecoin would bounce back strongly. Last month, we examined an opinion that stated that many cryptocurrencies would drop by February and we showed that it would not. Now, the prediction is paying off and I believe the rise will continue.
Source: $2.2 Billion and Climbing: How Litecoin Surged 10% Overnight to Become the 4th Largest Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Use Is Quietly Surging Back to Its Peak

Bitcoin is quietly gaining momentum again. The number of confirmed transactions per day has reached levels not seen since 2017, the year when the world’s largest cryptocurrency surged in value and made international headlines.
Personal comment- Along with Litecoin’s surge this week, Bitcoin has began to bounce back from the decline it has been experiencing. For a currency which was tagged as obsolete and walking on its grave, Bitcoin has surprised many people and given delight to many investors.
Source:Bitcoin Use Is Quietly Surging Back to Its Peak

Cryptocurrency fans are just loving the Wells Fargo banking outage

With Wells Fargo customers unable to access their accounts Thursday after a “power shutdown” at a bank facility, cryptocurrency advocates on social media quickly argued that their coins’ decentralized networks can better withstand such problems.
Personal comment- Every time I read this kind of news, I smile deeply because it is just one of the predictions coming to pass. Traditional banking institutions are gradually failing and more people will keep coming over to choose Cryptocurrency. If you are in need of any more proof, here is a news source to convince you.
Source:Cryptocurrency fans are just loving the Wells Fargo banking outage

Why Samsung & Opera’s Crypto Wallets Will Fuel Mass Bitcoin Adoption

This week, major browser operator Opera has integrated a feature to purchase crypto into its Android app less than three months since announcing its plans to further explore blockchain technology.
With a partnership with Safello, a European crypto exchange, users are now able to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from the Opera browser.
Personal comment- Last month, I brought a news source that concerned Samsung and its adoption of Crypto Wallets. Now, it seems as if Opera is towing the same line. This is an additional win because many people will now be easily able to purchase their crypto coins and engage in their transaction. This will also ultimately open a new furry of Crypto Investors.
Source: Why Samsung & Opera’s Crypto Wallets Will Fuel Mass Bitcoin Adoption

Is Cryptocurrency Powering the Explosive Economic Growth in Malta?

The blockchain and cryptocurrency-friendly nation of Malta has been forecast as the nation to experience the most economic growth during 2019. The European Commission projected that the small island country’s economy would grow by a huge 5.2% during the period.
Personal comment- It has been proven to boost the economy of South Korea and a handful of other countries, now cryptocurrency is helping Malta to experience exponential growth margins. There is no doubting the fact that this news would spell better credibility for Cryptocurrency and I am looking forward to the next World Economic Summit where this information would be discussed in more details.
Source: Is Cryptocurrency Powering the Explosive Economic Growth in Malta?


Brief History

Governments of the world have always maintained policies that do not in any way support cryptocurrencies. And Russia, one of the largest countries in the world by land mass is not left out of these countries. The anti-cryptocurrency actions and policies that we experience with the Russian government today was not as a matter of fact how it used to be. Russia and crytptoccurrencies used to go hand in hand, that is if you consider the years before 2018 – emphasis on 2016 and 2017. It was always difficult to go to cryptocurrency major events without seeing Russians at the helms of affairs. As a matter of fact, Russian developers were part of the pioneers in initial coin offerings (ICOs). But now, the crypto craze is not much in Russia, and the government of the country has over the past years reiterated their stand with the Russian Central Bank rolling out policies fueled by her anti-cryptocurrency nature. But if the news that has been on the internet is anything to go by, there might just be a change in story. Now the question is; what is the news?
The news out there is that Russia is planning a huge $10Billion USD investment into Bitcoin with the aim of tackling the effects of sanctioning from the United States. But really, this news is not official as it was just a claim by a Russian economist and university lecturer; Vladislav Ginko. So this article is more of the claims of Ginko. And Ginko is not new to the cryptocurrency world by the way, he is somewhat a Bitcoin evangelist who has maintained ties with the Russian government for over 20 years. In his claim, he said that the mitigation of the sanction from the United States could be achieved through the use of Bitcoin. Recall that political unrest between the two countries (United States and Russia) has forced the Russian government into searching for another money asset. There were reports last year that the government was selling United States government debts in exchange for precious metals like gold and silver. and this had led to about 300% in their gold reserves. There has also been a rumor of talks going on between the Russian and the Chinese government on a possible collaboration in creating a payment system that is totally independent of dollars.


Ginko claims that the investment of the Russian government into Bitcoin will be a good step towards de-dollarisation geared towards protecting Russia’s national interest. And he also said that that the initial investment of the government could be as much as $10B. Now, recall that in 2018, Bitcoin saw a drastic sell-off. This sell-off saw its market cap size reduce to $66.6B within the space of five months. If the plans of the Russian government as claimed by Ginko pulls through, the government could own 16% of the world’s Bitcoin. A buy order this big could increase the market cap of Bitcoin, which will be awesome to individual investors but I am not sure it will be the same for the whales; one of which Russia will become. First of all, an increase in value will see instant reduction of Russia’ share as more Bitcoins will be created. Also, The Russian government wouldn’t be able to run an account that will enable the buying of crytptoccurrencies. This will lead to a creation of an intermediary cryptocurrency to act as a utility token, and this intermediary cryptocurrency will probably be state owned. Can you beat that? Will Russia be willing go all the way with all these? The truth is. We know how Russia keep things like this secret till they are ready to make it public, so one cannot say for sure that Ginko’s claim is true. Besides, the Central Bank of Russia have continuously shied away all efforts to get them to confirm the news. In all of these though, one thing is certain; the Russian government is making plans geared towards de-dollarization. And Bitcoin is definitely one of the option they are considering as they have seemingly increased their holdings in other currencies like the Japanese Yen.