Bittrex is a crypto-to-crypto trading exchange. It was founded in 2014 by Bill Shihara, Richie Lai, Rami Kawach and Ryan Hentz. Its head office is in Seattle, Washington. About 193 are listed on this exchange platform with over 290 unique trading pairs.
Opening a new account
Opening a Bittrex account requires a lot of patience. Do not be discouraged by the numerous screenshots, it is not that difficult.

Step One – visit


The home page of Bittrex is as shown above. Take note of the spelling of Bittrex because there is a similar website with the name bitrex. To save time, simply bookmark this page on your web browser. On the home page as you can see is the ‘Explore Markets’ and the ‘Sign Up’ buttons. We are going with the latter, so click on the sign up button.

Step 2 – Sign Up

In the sign up tab, there are fields that requires you to fill in your email address, passwords and the confirmation of the password. It is highly recommended that create a password of 12 or more characters which is made up of alphanumeric characters. Make sure you read the Terms of Service before you check the agreement box that is below the ‘Confirm Password’ field. The click on ‘Sign Up’.

After you have clicked the sign up botton, the next step is to confirm that you are not a robot. Follow the instruction given in the exercise to go to the next level. This exercise might repeat itself for about three times. How about a quick amazing fact? This particular exercise is used to train AI algorithms.

Step 3 – Email Confirmation

You are notified with a tab similar to the one below that a registration email has been sent to the account email. Go to your email to retrieve the message.

The subject of the email will be Bittrex Account Verification, it is as shown below. Click on the link in the email or simply copy and paste it to your browser. The ‘EMAIL VERIFICATION SUCCESSFUL’ tab comes up on the link. Click on ‘Login’ to log into your new account.

Step 4 – Log In

On the log in tab, enter the email and the password you registered with earlier to log into your account.

Step 5 – IP Address Confirmation

When you log into your account for the first time, you will be required to verify your IP address. This is a security measure aimed at preventing unauthorized access into your account. This is not a onetime thing too, you will be required to do this verification every single time that you log into your account with a new IP Address. The tab for IP address confirmation will require that you go to your email which will have a message titled ‘Bittrex New IP Address Verification’. It is shown below.

Click on the ‘CLICK HERE TO LOGIN’ link on your email.

Step 6 –

The log in tab will come up again. Enter your email and password once again. After which the robot check exercise will come up again. Once again, just follow the instructions on the tab to proceeed.

Step 7 – Verify your personal information

To be able to trade on Bittrex, you will have to verify your personal information. To do this, click settings on your homepage; it is at the upper right corner of the homepage of your newly created account. The tab shown below will load after you have clicked on settings, after which you are to click on the ‘My Profile’ option.

Complete all the fields in this tab. Then click on ;Submit’

Step 8 – Uploading Documents

After submitting the details in the previous tab, the age below will load. Click on ‘Start Verification.
The verification processes will require the use of a good camera, luckily your phone is good enough. The Passport session requires a selfie from you, the Identity Card session is for a government recognized ID card and driver’s license is what it is. Once you have uploaded all these files in jpeg forms, you can then chill and wait for verification. Verification time varies, sometimes it takes minutes and other times it takes days. Should there be error, you will be notified.