Technical Analysis of Cardano

2019-04-29 Stanko 0

Cardano is entirely open source that aims to establish a smart contract platform which focuses on more advanced features. According to the official website, this platform will deliver more advanced features than any protocol previously developed. Some analysts say that this project is being built from the ground up and […]

Technical Analysis of Stellar

2019-04-28 Stanko 0

Stellar is a secure platform designed to provide access to an affordable and open financial system making it easier for users to achieve financial independence. According to some analysts, this platform can be the future of banking because it strives to provide a practical solution to key global issues. Stellar […]

Technical Analysis of Tronix

2019-04-26 Stanko 0

Launched in 2017, TRON is a blockchain-based entertainment content sharing platform that aims to transform the global entertainment industry. TRON has own cryptocurrency known as Tronix (TRX) and lots of financial institutions and technical specialists are already supporting the TRON network. According to some estimates, TRON has a bright future […]

Technical Analysis of IOTA

2019-04-25 Stanko 0

IOTA is a cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of Things (IoT), there is no concept of blockchain and there are no transaction fees. According to analysts, IOTA has very big potential in real-world applications and IOTA was planned from the beginning to interact with everything. IOTA has already teamed up […]

Technical Analysis of Dash

2019-04-23 Stanko 0

Dash was one of the best performers on the cryptocurrency market in the last three months, in less than ninety days the price of Dash has advanced from$64 to $140. Dash is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that was released in early 2014 under the original name of DarkCoin (DRK). The main […]

Technical Analysis of Ripple

2019-04-20 Stanko 0

Ripple (XRP) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market and according to some analysts, XRP can rise to $5 in 2019. This is a still very optimistic scenario in my opinion but it is important to say that XRP has a very good risk/reward ratio in the […]

Technical Analysis of Ethereum Classic

2019-04-20 Stanko 0

Ethereum Classic was one of the best performers on the cryptocurrency market in the last two months, in less than sixty days the price of Ethereum Classic has advanced from$3.5 to almost $8. Starting life as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic (and its value token, ETC) is the result of a long […]

Technical Analysis of Polymath

2019-04-17 Stanko 0

The Polymath Network is a blockchain-based system to coordinate and incentivize participants to collaborate and launch financial products on the blockchain. Polymath has own token known as POLY and this token is used to issue securities on Polymath and interact with the platform. In less than 30 days the price […]

Technical Analysis of Litecoin

2019-04-14 Stanko 0

In less than 30 days the price of Litecoin has advanced from $52 above $98 and the current price stands around $79. Lots of analysts agree that Litecoin is currently at a point where it has the potential to make very big gains and the current situation represents a very […]

Technical Analysis of Zcash

2019-04-13 Stanko 0

In less than 30 days the price of Zcash has advanced from $50 above $77 and the current price stands around $69. In my opinion, this is a highly speculative cryptocurrency and still very risky but lots of analysts agree that Zcash (ZEC) is currently at a point where it […]