Technical Analysis of Ripple

The price of Ripple has been in the “bearish” phase since January 2018 but we can not say that the lowest price in August 2018 is the end of this phase. Ripple can be a very good investment option according to estimates and some predictions say that this cryptocurrency could be above $5 in the next several years. Yes, it is true that the price could fall even more but the current price of XRP stands around $0.31 and this is very close to strong support which stands at $0.30. Ripple has been increasingly adopted by banks and payment networks, some important names include UniCredit, UBS & Santander, Global Payments Steering Group. When we look at the 1-year chart we can see that Ripple is moving in “downtrend”. As long Ripple is below $1 this cryptocurrency is in the “SELL” zone. Short term support and resistance levels are $0.3 and $0.4 – If the Ripple jumps above $0.6 that would be a “BUY” signal and the open way to $0.8. If the Ripple jumps above  $1 that could be a strong signal of the trend reversal and the open way to $1.5. On the other side, if the XRP falls below $0.3 that will be a strong signal “SELL” signal and the next target could be around $0.25.

Advice: According to estimates, Ripple (XRP) is one of the cryptocurrencies which you should definitely not ignore and this cryptocurrency might still be undervalued despite the current situation on the cryptocurrency market. Ripple is an open source digital payment network which is also used by banks, the network is extremely fast and payments in XRP take around 4 seconds. It is important to say that all accounts and transactions have strong security and they are algorithmically verified. Ripple has a mission to become the go-to blockchain for big banks and financial institutions. My opinion is that XRP could be a very good investment opportunity and putting a reasonable amount of money into XRP could potentially turn out to be an excellent investment. As for the technical picture, the XRP remains in bearish phase but if the price advances above $1, short-term traders can enter the position with the stop loss at $0.9 and take profit at $1.3 or even $1.5.