Best Crypto Games to Earn Coins

There are a lot of ways that you can earn crypto coins without the need to deposit any equivalent crypto token or the fiat equivalent. From the use of faucet sites, to taking of polls, even freelance works. The problem with this form of earning however is that you will earn crypto coins in fractions which is always small, compared to the time invested in them. Plus it is outright boring; trust me, I have been there.
Any ways, how about earning coins and having fun doing it? There are quite a lot of ways you could do this and one of them is through the playing of games. These games allow you to earn coins or digital tokens which can be exchanged for any coin that is approved by the developers. And these games aren’t just any games, they are games that you can actually get lost in, eliminating the feeling of time wastage and of course; boredom. There are many of these games, but I can only give few. So without wasting much time, below are the best games to earn cryptocurrency coins.
Trading Games

  1. Altcoin Fantasy

The Altcoin Fantasy In this game, there is a leaderb that promises to teach you how to trade crypto within a risk-free environment. Test your trading skills on a competitive leaderboard environment without sacrificing any of your own hard earned money.
Altcoin Fantasy opens their doors to the public in January 2018. You can trade on their website or mobile app which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. They’re currently available to US and Canadian residents and are looking to expand to Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong very soo

2. SparkProfit

SparkProfit is a virtual cryptocurrency trading game that you can play anytime and anywhere. With this game, you get to learn skills on trading with cryptocurrency without risks. The game has a simulation in which a player can make predictions on real life financial market exchanges, and it is not just cryptocurrency, Forex is included. The more accurate your predictions are, the more points you earn. These points are eventually converted to any crypto coin of your choice

3. Huntercoin

If you’re a consistent gamer, then you will know massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). They are games that enable the participation of a lot of players. With cryptocurrency, a new phase of these games known as massively multiplayer online crypto-coin game (MMOCG) has been on the rise. Huntercoin is one of the first generational games of this phase. For a player in this game, you are faced with two objectives;

  • Hunt for coins and take them to the bank
  • Kill other hunters while doing this

Players are rewarded for every action that they take with crypto coins. Of a player is killed, their collected coins are released back into the map, making them available for others to fight for. The tokens collected in the game are Huntercoins which of course, is not worth much in the market capitalization index But you can trade Huntercoin for Bitcoin on Poloniex

4. Steem Monsters

Steem Monsters is a game that is hosted on the Steem blockchain platform. It is a card game all the data as regards the gae are stored on the platform on which it is hosted. The gameplay revolves round battles. Winners are eventually paid in Steem, rare cards and Steem dollars. There is also a market place in the game where you can buy, sell and trade your earned cards with fellow players. The market is run on Steem. One Steem is worth over $0.43 USD and it is among the top promising altcoins in the crypto market

5. Worldopo

When we talk about the games that are at the cutting edge of the technological revolution, then Worldopo is at the top of the list. Worldopo is a game that combines augmented reality and virtual reality into a real world-building simulation. It uses data from Google Maps which allows players to buy real streets in cities around the world. The gameplay involves players attacking buildings and corporating with other players to build the economy. You can earn Ether, Bitcoin and WPT, its own token.
As stated earlier, these aren’t the whole games that are out there. But if you start with any of these ones, your chances of earning more crypto coin is higher.