Top Crypto Investments That Will Yield 1000% by 2025

What will cryptocurrency be in the future? What will your crypto investments worth in about 6 years from now? In no particular order we will discuss the features & future of some “currently” top cryptocurrencies. And in no particular order our first cryptocurrency will be:


Its genesis dates back to 2013. Zcash was formerly known as Zerocoin and was invented by a team of scientists; Matthew Green, Ian Miers, Christina Garman, Aviel D. Rubin
Zcash (ZEC) is another Crypto currency like bitcoin but with a few different features. Just like Bitcoin, it is based on a decentralised blockchain but allows for anonymity behind all transaction amounts and the parties involved. In Bitcoin if you know someone’s address you can follow their transactions and you can see all their addresses and their transaction amounts. Its quite clear how much money is moving around, with ZCash all the information is encrypted.
Yes! Zcash has caused a lot of controversy with its cryptocurrency distribution methods but this is because the organisation is not set up as an open source community but as a Company. This is the first major difference between ZEC and other cryptocurrencies such as the ethereum. Another very distinct difference is how they plan on rewarding  investors and workers in the Company. They plan on doing this by a tax on mining rewards called “Founders’ reward.”
Currently, the Zcash is at about $449 but experts believe that Zcash has the potential to fill the void left by the declining off-shore banking sector and to gather much more persons across different financial backgrounds into its fold and not only wealthy elites. Some perosns have even posited that the Zcash price would reach $6,289 at only one percent of the global off-shore wealth. That alone is an over 1000% increase from its current price level. Following this predictions, the Zcash could reach a peak of about $62,293 or more by 2025.


Rated as the 15th most valuable cryptocurrency, DASH brings alongside lots of promises; it is noteworthy to mention the fact that Dash is not subject to the pressure of mining cartels or feuding core developers and this goes to show that its appreciation could as a matter of fact, stabilize in a couple of years. We believe that DASH would receive more acceptance in the 2020 and upwards especially for peer-to-peer transactions such as money transfers. We also believe that if DASH’s superior blockchain makes it easier to carry out transactions, it could see its price going up to the $1,000 range. As we know, one of the most interesting feature of the DASH coin is its ability to transfer funds to prepaid debit cards with much more ease as compared to other cryptocurrencies. For 2025, if the DASH coin can continue to be an investment commodity and enjoy greater circulation and stability, we certainly will see the DASH coin reach a high of over $1,500. That would be over 1000% of its current price level.


Ethereum was invented by Vitalik Buterin and is known to run on smart contracts and accelerates hash time and consequently reduces processing time for transactions. The smart contracts enabling system of Ethereum has been widely accepted and adopted. It is now the second most valuable cryptocurrency and its popularity is expected to increase as it becomes adopted by more and more persons.
If we were to assume that both bitcoin and ethereum represent half the worth of the crypto market each having 25% (1,137,500,000,000), and then we divide this amount into 100,000,000 (the maximum amount of Ethereum to be in circulation) we will find the value of one Ethereum to be $11,375. However, on the long run like in 2025, most experts believe that the value of ethereum will be $30,000 seeing that ethereum is for a non-profit initiative; and that Ethereum is regulated by the forces of demand and supply and the demand for Ethereum is steadily increasing. So by 2025, citeris paribus ethereum will be 1000% more than its current value now.
So there you have it. That’s our list of top cryptos that will yield 1000% and more, though we know that other cryptocurrencies can yield good investments within the said period, but this post solely focuses on those crypto investments that would increase the yield by over 1000% more.