Cryptomedia News This Week

Another week has passed by in the cryptocurrency world and we are super excited to present some of the news that broke out this week.

A new Harry Potter–themed cryptocurrency is like a more private version of Bitcoin

In the Harry Potter books, the tongue-tying curse was a brilliant way to stump other wizards in a duel. Shut them up and they couldn’t cast another spell at you. The MimbleWimble curse, and its promise of silence, is part of the mysterious inspiration behind a new kind of blockchain technology that every fan of cryptocurrency is suddenly talking about. Besides its curiously compelling origins, it could hold a solution to something that many people see as one of the biggest limitations of Bitcoin and similar blockchains: the difficulty of keeping transactions truly private.
Personal comment- As a personal Harry Potter fan, this news caught me by surprise. Just like others, I am very interested in knowing how this cryptocurrency will pan out. Indeed, many cryptocurrencies promise total privacy but in order to be verified, they compromise this feature. If this cryptocurrency eventually does what it promised, it would be patronized by many

Final Testing’ Phase: Fidelity Nears Launch of Cryptocurrency Trading & Custody Platform

Much excitement has been building since the large American financial services firm Fidelity Investments first announced back in October that they were building a cryptocurrency trading and custody platform. They are now almost ready to launch their Fidelity Digital Assets Exchange.
Personal comment- Anyone who knows about Fidelity investment should be very excited about this project. I mean, with a dynamic team managing the cryptocurrency project, it would be very profitable and stable. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more updates about the project.

Who is Actually Going to Buy Iran’s New Cryptocurrency?

Iran is creating a state-backed cryptocurrency. The options for the digital token are currently open. Reportedly, it’s initially only for crypto companies to do business with the Central Bank of Iran. Later, it will be used as a means to facilitate payments between Iran and other countries for goods and services.
Personal comment- What a news! I mean, who could have imagined that a country like Iran could be making moves like this? However, if you read the news further, you would note that it is not like the traditional cryptocurrency because this will be controlled by the Iranian government. If you fear that the Government will use the funds to engage in terror acts, it is better to steer clear from investing here.

The $700 billion dollar “Death of Cryptocurrency” is just the beginning

The depression cycle is always [not just in cryptocurrency] the most important time to be vigilant for new investments. While a lot of old projects will succeed, a lot that came through in the ICO boom are dying, new ones will be there to take their place.
Personal comment- Whenever I see news just like this, I am immediately interested because I wish to identify the strength of the argument put forth by the analyst. For this particular one, I can say that his argument is very weak, as he seems to be a kind of doomsday analyst. Everyone who has an understanding of financial markets would understand that this is just a bear season and it would soon change. No need to fear folks. Just make sure you invest right

Bitcoin (BTC) is Money: Wyoming Passes Bill to Recognize Cryptocurrency

According to a new bill, which was first presented on Jan. 18, 2019 and passed Jan. 31, The Cowboy State will begin to recognize all forms of cryptocurrency under the same regulations and attributions as that of fiat money. While the bill was passed with relatively little fanfare, it may be looked back upon in the timeline of cryptocurrency evolution as a more landmark event.
Personal comment- Any analyst of cryptocurrency would simply have to admit that the past week has not been the perfect one for crypto enthusiasts. Despite this, this can categorically be termed the best news that the week brought. It’s official folks: no more standing on the sidelines of non-acceptance for cryptocurrency. I believe this is a news to celebrate to.