Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Endorsed Cryptocurrency

The general acceptance of cryptocurrency among celebrities is increasing rapidly. As people influencers, celebrities have audiences running into millions, so most cryptocurrency projects tends to use them to spread news of what is happening in the cryptocurrency world. Apart from being influencers, most celebrities have genuinely invested into cryptocurrency, and at one point or another, they have endorsed different crypto projects, mostly the ones in their initial coin offering stages. Without wasting much of your time, here are the top 5 celebrities that have endorsed cryptocurrency.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is popularly known for two things; money and winning. And his unapologetic lifestyle of displaying his wealth and investment makes him one of the most active celebrities that have endorsed cryptocurrency. As far back as 2017, Mayweather endorsed the initial coin offering for the – a blockchain prediction platform. That same year, he promoted the initial coin offering of Hubii Network and subsequently, he signed on to be a brand ambassador for Centra which is a cryptocurrency platform. As we all know, one of the main reason that cryptocurrency companies get celebrities to endorse their initial coin offerings is because they want higher sales. And all the coins that Floyd endorsed in the past have continued to be on the rise. He posted a picture on instagram recently calling himself ‘Floyd Crypto Mayweather’.

Katty Perry

Katty Perry is the only female celebrity on my list. Not because she has always been a big fan of cryptocurrency but because her dramatic endorsements has high social media impressions. In January 2018, she posted a picture on her 69million followers instagram page, embroidering her finger nails with the logos of the top five cryptocurrency ranked according to market capitalization. This endorsement, unlike many other endorsement was not for initial coin offering. Katty Perry had told her fans prior to posting the picture that she was advised by her idol (Warren Buffet) to invest into cryptocurrency.

Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher is one of the few celebrities that ventured into cryptocurrency early. Way back in 2014, he tweeted about Etherum which was not due to be released in another year. The actor who once played Steve Jobs in a movie is a lover of technology as he has investments in A-Grade Investments; a company that funded Uber and Airbnb. Kutcher was once quoted in a conference saying endorsing and promoting blockchain technology. He has investments in Bitbay and he doesn’t fail to always update his twitter followers on what is happening in the cryptocurrency world.


Talking about celebrities that endorsed cryptocurrency before it became popular. Nas invested in Coinbase as early as 2014 and few months later, he was heard saying that Bitcoin had the potential of becoming bigger than even the internet. Because of his kind of music, most of his fans call him a prophet but I don’t really think they bought into this prophecy of his. Anyways, Nas launced a trivia contest at The Rap test website in 2015 and informed his millions of fans on social media that he would be rewarding those with the highest scores with Bitcoin. Nobody know how much investments Nas has in the cryptocurrency market, but we know that he bought the Bitcoin heavily while it was still in its early stages, and if he happened to have kept these investment intact, then he his definitely going to be among the whales of the crypto coin.

Ghostface Killah

Wu Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah ventured into cryptocurrency in 2018. He became the co-founder of Cream Capital, a start-up firm aim of building ATMs on the blockchain network to ease the use of cryptocurrency coins like Etherum, Litecoin and Bitcoin. According to CNBC reports, Crea Capital had initial target of $30 million USD through its initial coin offering. Ghostface Killah whose real name is Dennis Cole had endorsed the project and cryptocurrency in its entirety as he was quoted, saying that anything that placed cryptocurrency in front of the eyes of the people of the world meant that it was great market with potentials. Most people are of the opinion that Ghostface does not know much about what drives the cryptocurrency world though.