Cryptopmedia News This Week

It’s another week end and I am here to present to you the biggest news in the Crypto industry this week.

Samsung’s New Galaxy S10 Could Give Surprise Boost To Bitcoin Adoption

leaked images of the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy S10 suggest the smartphone could aid bitcoin adoption with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.
Personal comment: What an excellent news for Samsung users! For a long time people have been afraid in making a choice on the best cryptocurrency wallets that will not be hacked. Well, I present to you Samsung wallet which will definitely be one of the most impregnable wallets ever.

Regulators snub SA cryptocurrency developers

Regulators have quietly barred cryptocurrency developers from having access to a tax incentive aimed at spurring innovation in SA. It is likely to hinder the country’s chances of being at the forefront of the fledgling digital money market.
Personal comment: Oh no! This is not an encouraging news coming from South Africa at all. I mean, about three weeks ago I posted a news source that showcased progress in the acceptance of cryptocurrency. However, this is just a temporary setback as Cryptocurrency is like a wave that cannot be stopped despite challenges. Better days will come for South African cryptocurrency industry

Davos World Economic Forum: Insights from the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Debate

Cryptocurrency, despite the massive drop in value from a year prior, was still a hot topic of discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Experts on cryptocurrency and blockchain debated the technology in the panel “Building a Sustainable Crypto-Architecture” with insight into both sides of the discussion.
Personal comment: Every time I read this news source, I feel a glow within as it is a reminder that the industry has been recognized and analysts are teaming up to help the crypto industry take giant strides forward. Now the world has recognized the gift of Blockchain which Bitcoin gifted to it. Soon, Cryptos would replace every traditional currency.

This Trojan infects Chrome browser extensions, spoofs searches to steal cryptocurrency

The Razy Trojan is targeting legitimate browser extensions and is spoofing search results in the quest to raid cryptocurrency wallets and steal virtual coins from victims.
According to new research published by Kaspersky Lab, the malware, known as Razy, is a Trojan which uses some of the more unusual techniques on record when infecting systems.
Personal comment: I want you to really sit up and read through this news source because it contains helpful information on how to avoid being a victim. I believe this is another nasty type of cryptojacking which can be salient and deadly. Take necessary precautions very fast!

Will people ditch cash for cryptocurrency? Japan is about to find out

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says he wants 40% of payments to be cashless by 2025. In August, the government announced plans to offer tax breaks and subsidies for companies that get on board. And while everything from credit card payments to transactions using QR codes would qualify, some of the country’s biggest financial players think the way to wean Japan off cash lies in the technology that runs Bitcoin.
Personal comment: Japan will be holding the next Olympics by 2020 and I believe this news is coming as a way to prepare for the millions of tourists that would be there. Just like I have always said, Japan, South Korea are leading the charge for crypto acceptance and this news just warms my heart. Currently there are plans by traditional financial institutions to phase out their currencies in favor of Crypto coins. Talk about forward thinking!