New Year Message for Cryptocurrency Investors

So you can call this my crypto prophecy for 2019 and beyond, nevertheless; let’s see what the cryptocurrency world holds for investors this year.
Lots of persons believe that 2018 was a disaster for cryptocurrency unlike 2017 which saw lots of financial boosts for cryptocurrency. For example: BTC began 2018 at $13,500 after an all time high was reached in December 2017($19,783.06). But by December 2018, BTC was $3,400. Another drowning moment for cryptocurrency could also be seen when ETH fell from its high towers of about $1,300 to $91 by December 2018. Entering into 2019, many individual investors pulled out, many others believe that cryptocurrency investments are now very shaky. Now that’s why this post was written _to calm your nerves.

My Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019


  1. I strongly believe that in 2019 and beyond, more investors (institutional investors) will see the endless possibilities of cryptocurrency and therefore get into it. And contrary to the anticipation of many, the pulling out of individual investors would be made up for by institutional investors.


  1. Bitcoin would most likely gain more solid grounds in 2019 as the final decision concerning the Bitcoin ETF is said to be heard in February 2019. The Bitcoin ETF would provide a more predictable form of investment for investors; albeit not directly in BTC but more trackable.


  1. It is no news that blockchain has spread outside the digital currency industry and by virtue of this, 2019 and beyond will see the application of blockchain in other varying sectors. More to this, bitcoin because of its high efficiency, ease in storage and the inability for it to be confiscated by any government, would literally become digital gold.


  1. There are lots of indications that in 2019, the Ripple XRP could superseded the bitcoin but this is if and only if it continues on this path: institutional money flows primarily into the XRP token of Ripple, tech solutions converge and use Ripple’s XRP, Ripple continues it’s growth pattern without chasing revenue to reach network effect.


  1. In 2019 the chaffs will be separated from the wheat. By this I mean that real value cryptocurrencies would thrive while the true face of many other cryptocurrencies will be revealed. There’s a saying in the crypto world, one I strongly agree with; it states that 90% of crypto currencies will die and in 2019 only those currencies that bring real value to the table will thrive.


  1. Watch out for the TRON! Why consider TRX? TRX will be a controversial pick for some but TRON recently acquired BitTorrent, which allows for developing safe decentralized torrenting methods in the future. This acquisition will mean big things if TRON can develop more secure and decentralized torrenting methods in the future. For instance, a significant innovation would be to distribute file parts across a network and recombine them for user downloading, especially if this included first come first save placeholder-styled downloads.

Another one of TRON’s advantage is that it’s one of a few ERC20 tokens that have made it to MainNet. Although TRON’s growth isn’t as rapid as Ethereum’s, it has 300,000 accounts so far and the fact that it’s running is something. At the moment, 1 TRX is worth $0.013, so it’s a good investment for traders with a shoestring budget
TRX will be a controversial pick for some albeit it is still much less than ethereum TRX is an altcoin with a pretty solid future.

  1. Finally, some cryptos might just jilt the banking sector real hard. Bitcoin was invented to be a new kind of digital payment network, but so far so good, it hasn’t really met up to that expectation


However, Ripple’s XRP and Stellar are filling the blank spaces. They have built a potential to disrupt financial markets, wire transfers, remittances and so much more.
Ripple is aiming to disrupt SWIFT, the giant payment network of the global banking system. If it can manage to chip away SWIFT’s market share and probably replace it in some areas, there’s a chance that RIPPLE’S XRP could eventually become the world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency.