5 Women Ruling The Cryptocurrrency World

In terms of the issue of gender participation in the cryptocurrency industry, the assumptions that it is male dominated will probably be tolerated by most people. This is because even in the world of technology – cryptocurrency aside – there have been little participation of the women folks. The available of the data, stating that the participation of women in the industry is within the range of 5-7% have also buttressed this popular believe, with approximately 1.76% of the Bitcoin community being made up of women.  However, these assumptions, no matter how accurate they may appear do not deny the fact that there are, as a matter of fact women in the helms of affairs of the cryptocurrency industry.
There are a lot of notable women are have continuously been among the oil that lubricates the engine of the cryptocurrency world. These women aren’t just in the industry doing the sub-niche works, they are in actual sense dominating the industry. This is mostly evident in the ICO market, which have provided women with the opportunity to launch their own projects. According to a recent research by Forbes, about half of the successful crowdfunding websites on the blockchain platform are operated by women. Also, women are also in the helms of affairs in to blockchain technology development companies. Without boring you with too much data, here is a brief summary of the top 5 women who are ruling the cryptocurrency world.

Amber Baldet

When it comes to connecting the dots between banking and cryptocurrency, Amber Baldet is one of the most influential personality. Her journey into the cryptocurrency industry started when she became the executive director of JP Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. Over the years, she has become popular, especially on her cause to increase the participation of women in blockchain technology. After leaving her post at JP Morgan, she went ahead to create a start-up called Clovyr, with a goal to develop the flexibility of blockchain technology. In 2018, Amber Baldet earned a spot in Forbes 40 under 40 list.

Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark is a graduate of Harvard Law School and co-founder of Lighting Labs. Lighting Labs, which she co-founded with Olaoluwa Osuntokun is a start-up with the goal to develop protocols to increase the speed in which cryptoccurencies transactions are made. The company is majorly focused on the bitcoin network.  She currently serves as the CEO of the company. Elizabeth Stark is a fellow at Coin centre. Apart from the crypto world, Stark is an affiliate member of the Harvard Berkman Centre for Internet and Society. She is also the co-founder of Harvard Free Culture Group. And at the top of it all, she is a Professor, with lines work spread between Stanford and Yale.
Elizabeth Mccauley
Elizabeth McCauley is a member Bitcoin Foundation’s Board of Directors. She is a special adviser to two main industry game changers; BitGive Foundation and Coin Congress. Elizabeth’s early career as a Staff Assistant to United States Congressmen saw her contributing immensely to the adoption of Bitcoin by the United States government. This and numerous other contributions of Elizabeth to the cryptocurrency world have earned her the nick name, ‘Bitcoin Evangelist’. She holds a degree in Political Science.

Catherine Coley

Catherine Coley is a big figure at Ripple, currently serving as the Head of Investor Relations. Ripple is one of the major shareholders in the cryptocurrency market capitalization, geared towards glbal banking. She has a job history that is virtually laced with experiences. She was once the Foreign Exchange for Silicon Valley Bank. Most of the success of Ripple is attributed to her prowess in attracting more investors.

Galia Benartzi

Galia is the co-founder of Bancor, and she chairs the Business Development section of the company. Bancor is recorded to have one of the biggest grossing ICOs in history, with special interest in the exchange market of cryptocurrencies. Bancor is committed to building a platform with the aim to simplify the process in which cryoptocurrencies are traded. Galia graduated from John Hopkins University in late 2005. After her college, she went on to be a co-founder and the chief executive officer of Particle Code, which was sold to Appcelerator in the year 2011.