Best Ways to Earn Free Crypto coins

You probably must have asked yourself if there is a way that you can earn bitcoin or other cryptocurrency coins. Well, if you have, or you are yet to ask yourself the question; I am here to let you know that of course, you can earn free bitcoin or any other coin – without having to pay for it. But when I say you don’t have to pay for it, I am not trying to paint a picture of doing absolutely nothing; you have to at least do something of course. However, the main bone of contention borders on the fact that you don’t have to pay for it, but you earn it. Below are arguably the best ways to earn free bitcoin or any other coin. While these methods can be quite tasking, it is worthy of note that if you are planning to delve into any of these ways, it will take a whole lot of dedication. This is because the crypto coins earned are minute fractions; hence it will also take a whole lot of time for it to be profitable. Without wasting much time, shall we?

Bitcoin Games

There are games that award minute fractions of crypto coins as prizes. These games are mostly bombarded with advertisement, so while you play these games, you earn coins by seeing these advertisements and most times, clicking them. If you are the type of person that loves playing games, and you really don’t mind a few adverts, these games are sure ways to gather fractional coil values which can amount to a pretty big amount.

Crypto Faucets

A crypto coin faucets is a website feature that on a steady note drips crypto coins. It works through the distribution of cryptocurrencies for tasks undertaken. These tasks could include clicking of ads, completing micro tasks or as established earlier, playing games. The top crypto faucet websites are freebitcoin, faucethub, moon bitcoin and coinpot.


Blogging and writing on website at a conversion rate equivalent to cryptocurrency is another way of earning free coins. Some websites like Yálls, Steemit and Yours gives you the opportunity to earn coins simply by creating contents for their audiences. The more interaction you have within these platforms, the more you earn.


Crypto mining is a process that involves the transactions of various forms of cryptocurrencies and how they are verified, and added to the ledger of a blockchain. In any transaction of a crypto coin, a miner ensures that he confirms the authenticity of the streams of information, updating the blockchain with these information. There are quite a number of miners, but the first miner to crack a transaction code is usually rewarded with fractions of crypto coins. Mining is rather difficult for individuals, especially if they are doing it for profits, as it requires a whole lot of time spent online.

Crypto Airdrops

A cryptocurrency airdrop is a phenomenon related to the distribution of free coins by blockchain platforms. Airdrops basically is when holders of a specified cryptocurrency is given new cryptocurrency freely. Therefore, this method of earning free crpto coin borders on you having the targeted cryto coin in your crypto wallet. To claim airdrops, you will have to control the parent crypto on which the new currency was airdropped.

Getting Paid

This technique is technically not free. There are different ways in which it can be done. One of such is working for an enterprise that pays directly in bitcoin, this is mostly through freelance jobs. You could also simply be a service provider. Another way which hardly works is asking for bitcoin donations through various media.

Cryptocurrency Dividends

There are many cryptocurrencies that gives dividends but they can be tricky as not all of them are actually worth buying. However, buying reliable crypto coins that gives dividends can earn you free coins simply by holding them offline.
To conclude, the method listed above in which coins can be earned freely might look easy. But in reality, the difficulty level depends on how informed you as regards these methods. You will need information, dedication and good sense of judgement in order to use any of these methods to their high advantages. I leave the ball in your court.