Blocknode cryptocurrency: Price charts, Masternode stats and its performance


Blocknode is a 2nd generation cryptocurrency and offers new features over the traditional ones like Bitcoin. The platform is a decentralized loyalty reward program run on the blockchain technology powered by the Blocknode token, with masternodes, proof of stake, bespoke, customizable wallets and a community-based treasury governance system.
Blocknode plans to revolutionize the incentive structure for business by giving them the opportunity to “stake” their existing funds with its blockchain network and after a certain period, start earning efficient returns on their investment while keeping the original amount. The result is a sustainable supply of rewards that could supplement the business’ own funding on a long-term basis.
Blocknode’s ticker symbol is BND which serves as the network’s core instrument of value. The initial buy-in is 100,000 BND for 0.6 BTC. The token matures after 101 confirmations in your wallet and only then can one use them for staking.

Basic Information about cryptocurrency

Blocknode Overview

Cryptocurrency Name BlockNode
White Paper
Supply 97,372,146 BND
Major Partners Organik, Audiochain, Superior Powder Coatings UK Ltd, Hidden Leaf Woodstock, Shop Zero and Mocana
Feature Masternode
Official Link Official Web Site
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Detail Description of Project

Masternode Stats

RoI (annual) 206.19% / 177 days
Required coins for masternode 100,000 BND
Masternode worth: $131.40

The Blocknode network is secured by nodes. Masternodes are super users of a network that have certain incentives within the platform. A business owner or anyone for that matter can become a masternode by purchasing 100,000 BND. They can then reap rewards which could help attribute profits into their loyalty program. They are responsible for decision-making and maintain full control of their initial investment and keep any interest earned off the tokens.
Return on Investment (ROI) is calculated based on actual rewards for each block for the last 24 hours. It is important to note that, ROI changes often and it is not the most important factor.


Wallets available for Blocknode include Windows 64 and 32-bit, Linux 64-bit, macOS, paper wallet and mobile blocknode wallet.

Android Wallet
iOS Wallet
Linux Wallet

One is eligible to have a customized wallet skinned with your company logo featured within the wallet by partnering with Blocknode and rewarding employees with BND tokens.

Project Detail

Blocknode is an altered fork of the popular PIVX. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum which uses the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm, Blocknode is based on proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism which does not require high computations to perform transactions.
Performance aspects have been detailed in the project’s White paper.

Some of the benefits of Blocknode cryptocurrency include:

  1. Instant cross-border transaction. Implementing a rewards system on the Blocknode blockchain is efficient since you can execute rewards instantly to customers around the World, directly to their wallets. This saves you money.
  2. Decentralized governance of rewards system brings greater efficiency and also, one to budget efficiently.
  3. The BND tokens mean that customers have rewards which are actually valuable. This value is because you can use the tokens to exchange for BTC or purchase discounted goods for retailers who accept BND.



2018Q4 ・List onsecond Exchange
・Signup small to medium business
2019 Q1 ・Android Wallet app
・iOS Wallet app
2019Q2 ・BND Atomic Swaps
・Enterprise level partnerships

The Blocknode team has already delivered on some impressive partnerships, and they appear to be ahead of schedule laid out in their roadmap. The fact that its roadmap is already being followed with the token being available on various exchanges only adds to its credibility and sustainability for the future. They are continuing to work on other developments including a propriety one-click Masternode setup method, updates to the QT wallet and further research and development on sidechains and Atomic swap as indicated on the table above.

Price Chart

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Blocknode price for today is approximately $0.00112263. It has a current circulating supply of about 97.3 Million coins and a total volume exchange of $529.29.

List of Exchange to trade this cryptocurrency

BND is already one of the popular exchange as shown in the table below:

Exchange ・Binance
DEX ・Cryptobridge


Summary of this coin

Blocknode is one of the most promising PoS and masternode projects. It is also among the few projects that provide rewards to their customers. This makes it a good platform to invest in,  as it is already operational. In addition, the ability to convert rewards into a variety of digital or traditional currency gives a greater level of choice that very few incentives programs offer.
A strong media and public relations campaign is in effect on several channels to ensure maximum exposure and attract new customers.
New technology developments that the team is currently progressing with include Atomic swaps; a system that allows instant peer-to-peer trading and negates the time and fees associated with using an exchange.