TOP5 cryptocurrency twitter accounts you should be following

Believe it or not, nowadays everyone proclaims to be a crypto influencer on Twitter. Everyone in the crypto currency world has their own opinion regarding this industry. The influencers in this space can often be found on Twitter and other social media platforms.
I would say we learn as much as we can about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies by following these crypto influencers. But also get rid of the fascination of getting rich quick with it.
The purpose is to be connected to credible people that you can trust their information. Most of them come out to clear misinformation in the crypto world especially when it pertains to the area they function. Therefore, in this article, I am going to list some of the genuine crypto influencers that you should follow on Twitter to enhance your knowledge on the subject of cryptocurrencies and everything around it.
Below are some of the people well worth keeping an eye on in no particular order.

MAX KEISERAmerican broadcaster, bold speaker.

He is the host at Keiser Report, a financial program broadcast on Russian state media channel. He runs a very popular show in RT every week where he talks about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world in general too. If you want to see educational tweets that are also funny, that’s the place you should be.
He is a proponent or I would rather call him an apostle of Bitcoin who has been shilling Bitcoin to the masses when it as mere $3 per BTC.
Also, he shares his whole view of how Bitcoin and other cryptos are draining the economic activity from the traditional markets. He sometimes also tweets about his Bitcoin predictions. Predictions on what could come at certain times.
They also have coin named after him called maxcoin.
You can follow him on twitter: @maxkeiser


CRYPTO_SKIPPERHalf of cryptocurrency investing is sorting through the news to find something worth your attention. The other half is making sense of charts. Crypto Skipper can definitely help with that last part. Daily altcoin chart tweets come with a short dose of analysis – just enough to help you understand the trends and make a sound prediction for the future. You can follow him on twitter @Crypto_Skipper


CRYPTO DE’ MEDICIWhat if the wealthy Italian banking family worked with cryptocurrencies instead of gold? Maybe they’d have an account like Crypto de’ Medici. Crypto Medici is known for his philosophical approach to investing.
The sassy yet practical account mostly sticks to investing advice delivered in short, punchy bursts. Occasionally you’ll get a grand piece of knowledge delivered in a longer format, which is also good. Come for the pre-Renaissance snark, stay for the hardened perspective on crypto investing.
Unlike other traders, he does not solely rely on looking at charts and technical analysis for making decisions. Instead, he understands that the market is driven by human behavior, which is what he bases his trades on. Some may consider Crypto Medici more of an investor than a speculator, but he is still well worth following for some valuable tips.
Follow him on Twitter @cryptodemedici


CHARLIE LEECharlie Lee is the founder and the brain behind the Litecoin cryptocurrency, which is the silver standard in the cryptocurrency space. Lee, who works full time on Litecoin now, is an ex-Director of Engineering at Coinbase. Charlie Lee has really accelerated the adoption of segwit not only for Litecoin but for Bitcoin too. His atomic swap pioneering tweets has encouraged the developers around the world. Mostly, he speaks about Bitcoin, scalability, forks, atomic swaps etc.
You can follow him on twitter @SatoshiLite


JAMESON LOPPIf you are searching for intelligent people generating something with Bitcoin, your search end here because Jameson Lopp is one of the pioneer cypherpunks who has been working on Bitcoin for years. He is an experienced team member of the BitGo team but recently quit to create his own crypto wallet called Casa. He is good at what he does. His Twitter handle is: @lopp
His tweets target a wide range of audience – from Bitcoin beginners to Bitcoin advanced developers – and the topics range from Bitcoin basics to Lightning networks. He talks about political, social and philosophical angles related to Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies too.