Technical Price Analysis of Tron(Nov.6th)

Tron is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies in the crypto market so far. It is a decentralized technology primarily focussing on establishing a free international entertainment platform where people can send, upload, retain, share, and store information. It is a non-profit establishment situated at Singapore. According to the latest forecasts, TRX will experience an exponential rise before the year ends.
Cryptocurrency experts from some crypto analysis websites have projected that TRX will hit $3.75 in the next three months. TRON lost 90% since it reached the peak level of all time at the beginning of the year, while it was $ 0.25 per unit. Although, in the last few weeks, the TRX had the chance to get a rebound from $ 0.018 in August to $ 0.026 at the beginning of September. Well, TRX fell to 0.017$ only a week later, once again rising back up driven by the slow and already predictable, stubborn negative trends in the market.

What Value Will Tron Have In One Year?

As of now, there are no launch events on the Tron calendar. Going by the effect of previous events, it is apparent that the future of Tron is likely to improve considerably.
The Ethereum network passed through a similar situation, with ETH’s value surging from $10 to $1,400 in less than 12 months without major adjustments on the blockchain’s protocol or marketing by the Ethereum team. The growth of ETH’s value that is alluded represented an increment of 13,900% over a period of 12 months. If Tron undergoes a similar growth, its value in September 2019 would be $2.78, using the present $0.020 value as the base.
Going by the knowledge provided, it seems that there’s a possibility of increase on in the market of TRON. Therefore it’s safe to say it can be bought.