XRP is not a security and the SEC will recognize it

In this article, we are going to have a discussion on the XRP which according to Cory Johnson is not a security as forward by SEC.

What Cory Johnson have reviews on XRP?

The Chief Market Strategist of Ripple named Cory Johnson in his interview concluded that XRP is not a security and he also takes about the regulatory system of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the Commission of the United States also talks about XRP status. XRP is taken as security and remains stay in the zone of their regulatory area. XRP for them also a cryptocurrency. An ecosystem may close by the news of the declaration of XRP asset as security. Because of this main issue investor of XRP seems it difficult for them to find space in it.
In an interview with Coin telegraph, Johnson discuss a matter on two cents, according to him, it is now a clear truth that XRP is not a security kind as the relationship between Ripple and XRP is actual proof of it. You can use the level of XRP as the way we want, it also didn’t allow to pay earnings or the company’s profits as rights. Also, he explains that any kind of profit or interest will not be given in the future of the company.

Does Ripple cause any effect on XRP?

In his views, if the Ripple didn’t get the way or was not go away then it does not put any kind of change on XRP. This happens because XRP is much different from the mechanism of Ripple. He further elaborated his views as SEC is clear in his good hard look and it is not going to accept the thing include in Ripple, so that it shows a clear picture of the difference in them and also shows that XRP is not a security as recognize by SEC.

Does SEC drive the investor? Is it so?

He also finds out the mode and protection of investor which is going to regulate the financial space in their field. He said that crooks who show up want to steal the money as explained earlier and also finds new ways to go through this phenomenon. They assume everything as they contain having atomic energy. Thus SEC took their step in order to drive investors’ savings to spread all over the world.