TOP5 cryptocurrency blog you should follow in 2018

Are you engaged in the Cryptocurrency market?
Do you want to get hot and trending news or information related to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? If your answer is yes then today I am going to discuss these topics. Previously we didn’t have any Crypto evangelists, or Crypto analysts to explain to us what’s going on the Crypto market, there was only one site named ‘’. And today the things are completely changed, today we can find thousands of media talking about Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I know everybody is very much curious and excited to know the best Cryptocurrency media available in 2018, hold your breath, let’s start our topic:

  1. Hackernoon
  2. Daniel Jeffries
  3. Jimmy Song
  4. Brian Armstrong Blog
  5. Coin and Crypto

Let’s explore more 5 media so that you can have lots of choices:

  1. Unenumerated
  2. Jameson Lopp Blog
  3. Off the Chain
  4. The Cryptocurrency Investor
  5. Cryptocurrency Facts

Therefore, above-mentioned points are the top 10 media or blogs you must follow in 2018. Let’s discuss above mentioned top 5 points in detail:


Hackernoon is one of the biggest blogs which was Established or created by David Smooke. In an average, this media post approximately 210 posts per month and the post size is about 600 words. Hackernoon ranked first in this list, if you are connected to the Cryptocurrency world then you need to follow this media because Hackernoon team chooses or select the best articles about Cryptocurrency and share those articles to all the readers. This media network has approximately 20,000 contributing writers who work together to bring informative Cryptocurrency contents which helps you to boost up your Cryptocurrency career.

2. Daniel Jeffries:

This is another media or blog which is in the second position in this list. This blog site was established in 2016 by Daniel Jeffries where you can get 3-5 posts per month. Average post size of this media is about 4000-6000 words, do not worry about the size, obviously its long but you won’t be bored. He shares a very strong information related to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology which can help you to make or take better decisions. Daniel Jeffries shares a very valuable information related to the Crypto news, trends, condition of Crypto markets, and many more. He writes from the inner core of the heart and his articles are very creative and they are long too. So it is better to sit down and read his articles by enjoying the taste of coffee or the wine.

3. Jimmy Song:

Jimmy song is a single author who shares a very valuable Cryptocurrency and blockchain information to his readers. If you really want to succeed in this Crypto world then you must have to follow Jimmy song articles. In an average Jimmy song post 3 articles per month and the post can be 2000-2500 words long. Let me tell you that Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin educator and the developer and is very talented in explaining complicated things in a very easy and simple way. He explains the Bitcoin development and smart contracts in a practical way. He consistently shares new articles related to the Cryptocurrency news, trends, ideas to invest, and many more. So if you want to be updated about the Cryptocurrency information or knowledge then you can select or choose this media.

4. Brian Armstrong Blog:

Brian Armstrong Blog is established in 2015 by Brian Armstrong. In average this media post 2 articles per month which can be approximately 1500 words long. Let me explain you one thing that Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase. He shares all the necessary information related to the Coinbase to his readers. Brian articles are too much exciting and I swear you really enjoy his high-quality contents. In his articles, he shares each and every necessary information related to the Coinbase to all the readers such as ‘How they make a decision at Coinbase’. So you must have to follow this media or blog site in 2018.

5. Coin and Crypto:

Coin and Crypto is another media which you must have to follow if you really want to get success in the Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. This media or blog site was established in 2017, in average this media post 3 articles per month and the post size can be 1000 words long. This is one of the medium blogs that you should not miss because this media provides insightful stories, honest analysis, 100% genuine information, and they communicate by using a very simple language. This media will also help you to provide the information related to the trending Altcoins. You can easily get detailed information related to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with one single click. But the thing is that this media is little slow in uploading new articles but when they upload they upload very high-quality content, so it is worth waiting for their contents.
Is it worth to follow Cryptocurrencies blogs in 2018?
I know you might have this question roaming in your mind. So let me clear your doubts:

  1. Cryptocurrencies blogs help you to provide a very detailed information which will surely boost up your Cryptocurrency Career.
  2. Cryptocurrencies blogs are more effective than Cryptocurrencies videos because in some videos you might not understand the accent of the presenters but in blogs, you can read it and understand it without any difficultness.
  3. Blogs are free, easy, and convenience. You don’t have to go to the market to buy it, you can simply read it with one single click.


Therefore, in this technological world, you must be updated to get success in your every work. If you are Crypto traders, miners, or you are engaged in Crypto world then you must have to follow the above-mentioned Media or blogs so that you can get adequate information related to the Cryptocurrency market. With the help of these Media, it will be easier for you all to carry out Cryptocurrency activities. As we all know that little knowledge is very much dangerous so let’s learn in detail about the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with the help of these Media.
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