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Why Does the Price of Bitcoin Fluctuate?

With regards to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin if there is one thing you can make sure of, it is that the costs can change definitely inside only hours. The value vacillation in cryptocurrencies is very wild and it leaves everyone confounded about why it happens to such an extent. The adjustments in the cost of cryptocurrencies is driven by various variables.
Presently, the unpredictability of the exchanging resources in conventional market is estimated utilizing the Volatility Index otherwise known as the CBOE Volatility Index. The instability of cryptocurrencies does not have a particular term yet since the cryptographic money is still in its beginning periods yet what we do know is that Bitcoin has 10 times the potential unpredictability than the customary resource classes inside a little measure of time.
Among the numerous elements deciding the variance of digital money costs, here are the absolute most critical ones that you should think about.

The Perceived Value

One reason why Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies see an enormous change in their costs contrasted with fiat monetary standards is the store of significant worth they are seen to have against the fiat monetary standards. With regards to Bitcoin, there are sure characteristics which make that digital currency tantamount to gold. There is a restricted measure of Bitcoin that will ever exist on the planet and it is progressively ending up more hard to mine the digital currency.
Fiat monetary forms are unique in relation to Bitcoin and gold. They are kept up by governments looking to keep work levels high and swelling levels low. They need to keep up tasteful levels of development through ventures being made in capital assets. This implies the economies that are worked with fiat monetary standards can either indicate quality or shortcoming. Contrasted with the estimation of the fiat monetary forms, individuals may feel slanted to put pretty much in Bitcoin since it influences how much esteem they feel that Bitcoin has.

Bad Press & Rate Of Adoption

With the expanding prevalence of Bitcoin around the globe, it will undoubtedly begin stopping people in their tracks and raising eyebrows. One reason why Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies have turned out to be so prevalent is the way that they are not directed by governments. There is quite focal specialist that settles on the procedures of the digital currency scene.
Because of some awful occasions occurring, Bitcoin has made many features. Some mal experts have censured the notoriety that cryptocurrencies have and given more purpose behind governments to push for direction.
Combined with the press leaving no chances to ingrain fear in their watchers to get an ever increasing number of watchers, the general supposition has caused a ton of move in the estimation of Bitcoins a few times throughout the years. This open recognition has assumed a major job in influencing the value vacillation yet it is likewise being viewed as an indication of development for the digital money
advertise. Bitcoin well disposed financial specialists who see it for what it is have been resolute with regards to settling on their venture choices.
The estimation of Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies has dependably observed itself ascend back up after the droop that pursued promptly after huge occasions like the Mt. Gox calamity.

High Profile Losses

A standout amongst the most vital things to note is that with regards to the misfortunes that individuals confront and the ensuing news about them opens up the effect of the unpredictability in costs for Bitcoin. The shortage of the aggregate number of Bitcoins expands the estimation of Bitcoins even after some negative news about it hits the standard news yet the lift is still hampered by any more negative news about the digital currency. It is an endless loop that influences the recognition individuals have about Bitcoin’s long haul esteem.
While there have been early adopters of cryptocurrencies that have indicated poor administration abilities and made a ton of strain the notoriety of Bitcoin, there are new participants that are gaining from the mix-ups of those before them to improve their activities. The general quality of Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies is expanding yet despite everything it varies as a result of any negative news about it coming into the standard news.

Investors React To Security Breaches

Another motivation behind why Bitcoin’s cost varies hugely is the point at which somebody brings up a potential break in the security of Bitcoins. At whatever point somebody calls attention to a powerlessness in the framework and how it works, there is an aggregate exertion being made to settle the issues and security ruptures. In the meantime, the security concerns additionally cause a great deal of people in general to end up shook.
Financial specialists that have a ton of stake in the cryptocurrencies begin dumping their benefits. The flooding of Bitcoin over into the market being traded for fiat money alternatives can drive the cost downwards in only hours. This displays an open door for a great deal of other individuals to get in available by bringing down the costs enough for them to put resources into them, bringing the costs back up when a security concern is tended to.

Large Holders Of Bitcoin

There are a great deal of early adopters that figured out how to take a few to get back some composure of a lot of Bitcoins at an early stage. The estimation of their possessions is well in the millions at the present time and they don’t have a considerable measure of choices with regards to what they can do with their cryptographic money resources.
There is just a predetermined number of Bitcoins on the planet. The shortage of the asset makes for a dubious circumstance for huge holders. Exchanging their advantages into fiat money positions can hazard moving the market by a noteworthy edge. The little alternative incentive for the huge holders additionally exists in light of the fact that the volume of Bitcoin still just looks like simply a little top stock. There isn’t sufficient huge selection right currently to give the substantial holders a considerable measure of alternative incentive for them.

  • Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin present a radical new universe of chances that did not exist before they came to fruition. While it has not yet figured out how to persuade speculators to utilize it as an elective cash, Bitcoin still has upset the budgetary world to an extensive degree with its guarantee of frictionless exchange of significant worth.


Ripple Pushing Towards Mass Adoption of XRP and their Complementing Solutions

In this article, we have to make a discussion on the mass adoption of XRP as suggested by Ripple news, also the complementing solution of this news.

What Public Relation Channel perform for XRP?

Now a days, Ripple and Labs of Ripple are going to pay gifts and rewards to their clients and gave them a chance or choice to push the phenomenon of adoption for three main methods that required solutions. According to these, xVia, xRapid and xCurrent are going to have on integration spree. Public Relation channels are giving chance to their third-party entities to highlight the relationship with ripple. XRP is provided waves with the help of these relationships and companies.

Xpring, an Initiative!!!

An Initiative was introduced by the Ripple which is simply supported by blockchain start-ups that usually introduced the purpose to integrate the XRP for introducing their product on ease.
Chris Larsen and Stefan Thomas suggest that there is the need to startup Omni which will consider their integration of XRP. The perception of ownership that owned their Omni didn’t require rant as their cash or earn system through XRP wallet.
According to Ripple Coin News, fiat option is going to make a settlement with XRP that could be a new experience for the users who got this new application. Therefore Nexo an official site gave the crypto loan processor which was taken as the token. They took out this app as collateral. Users have noticed this XRP button that was confirmed by the company.

xRapid by Viamericas:

Due to the involvement of Viamericas, the use of xRapid is increased day by day. In cross-border payments, the use of XRP and xRapid is going to save the cost and whole system is going towards or becoming the main player. The Chairman of Viamericas said in accordance with Ripple that digital assets like XRP plays a vital role in the phenomena of cross-border payments as they gave legal infrastructures to the safely address cryptocurrency. Therefore, is safe for XRP to adopt or push Ripple for the betterment of the nodes of cryptocurrencies.


XRP is not a security and the SEC will recognize it

In this article, we are going to have a discussion on the XRP which according to Cory Johnson is not a security as forward by SEC.

What Cory Johnson have reviews on XRP?

The Chief Market Strategist of Ripple named Cory Johnson in his interview concluded that XRP is not a security and he also takes about the regulatory system of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the Commission of the United States also talks about XRP status. XRP is taken as security and remains stay in the zone of their regulatory area. XRP for them also a cryptocurrency. An ecosystem may close by the news of the declaration of XRP asset as security. Because of this main issue investor of XRP seems it difficult for them to find space in it.
In an interview with Coin telegraph, Johnson discuss a matter on two cents, according to him, it is now a clear truth that XRP is not a security kind as the relationship between Ripple and XRP is actual proof of it. You can use the level of XRP as the way we want, it also didn’t allow to pay earnings or the company’s profits as rights. Also, he explains that any kind of profit or interest will not be given in the future of the company.

Does Ripple cause any effect on XRP?

In his views, if the Ripple didn’t get the way or was not go away then it does not put any kind of change on XRP. This happens because XRP is much different from the mechanism of Ripple. He further elaborated his views as SEC is clear in his good hard look and it is not going to accept the thing include in Ripple, so that it shows a clear picture of the difference in them and also shows that XRP is not a security as recognize by SEC.

Does SEC drive the investor? Is it so?

He also finds out the mode and protection of investor which is going to regulate the financial space in their field. He said that crooks who show up want to steal the money as explained earlier and also finds new ways to go through this phenomenon. They assume everything as they contain having atomic energy. Thus SEC took their step in order to drive investors’ savings to spread all over the world.

LiteCoin Technical Price Analysis(Oct.30th)

Litecoin is a very interesting cryptocurrency to monitor since it appears to hold a number of advantages over Bitcoin. Litecoin has a faster block-processing rate that keeps miners intrigued (and rewarded), has a more decentralized proof-of-work algorithm than Bitcoin and lower transaction settlement times and fees. Lots of analysts agree that Litecoin is currently at a point where it has the potential to make very big gains and the current situation represents a very good entry point for long-term investors. Litecoin was created by a Google employee Charles Lee, this project has very good team of software developers and a large community that is growing. When we look at the 1-year chart we can see that Litecoin is moving in “downtrend”. As long Litecoin is below $100 this cryptocurrency is in the “SELL” zone. Short term support and resistance levels are $50 and $70 – If the Litecoin jumps above $70 that would be a “BUY” signal and the open way to $90. If the Litecoin jumps above  $100 that could be a strong signal of the trend reversal and the open way to $150. On the other side, if the LTC falls below $50 that will be a strong signal “SELL” signal and the next target could be around $40.

Advice: Litecoin can be a very good investment option according to estimates and some predictions say that this cryptocurrency could be above $300 in the next two years. Yes, it is true that the price could fall even more but the current price of Litecoin stands around $53 and this is very close to strong support which stands at $50. As for the technical picture, the Litecoin remains in bearish phase but if the price advances above $100, short-term traders can enter the position with the stop loss at $90 and take profit at $120 or even $150.

TOP5 cryptocurrency blog you should follow in 2018

Are you engaged in the Cryptocurrency market?
Do you want to get hot and trending news or information related to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? If your answer is yes then today I am going to discuss these topics. Previously we didn’t have any Crypto evangelists, or Crypto analysts to explain to us what’s going on the Crypto market, there was only one site named ‘Bitcointalk.org’. And today the things are completely changed, today we can find thousands of media talking about Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. I know everybody is very much curious and excited to know the best Cryptocurrency media available in 2018, hold your breath, let’s start our topic:

  1. Hackernoon
  2. Daniel Jeffries
  3. Jimmy Song
  4. Brian Armstrong Blog
  5. Coin and Crypto

Let’s explore more 5 media so that you can have lots of choices:

  1. Unenumerated
  2. Jameson Lopp Blog
  3. Off the Chain
  4. The Cryptocurrency Investor
  5. Cryptocurrency Facts

Therefore, above-mentioned points are the top 10 media or blogs you must follow in 2018. Let’s discuss above mentioned top 5 points in detail:


Hackernoon is one of the biggest blogs which was Established or created by David Smooke. In an average, this media post approximately 210 posts per month and the post size is about 600 words. Hackernoon ranked first in this list, if you are connected to the Cryptocurrency world then you need to follow this media because Hackernoon team chooses or select the best articles about Cryptocurrency and share those articles to all the readers. This media network has approximately 20,000 contributing writers who work together to bring informative Cryptocurrency contents which helps you to boost up your Cryptocurrency career.

2. Daniel Jeffries:

This is another media or blog which is in the second position in this list. This blog site was established in 2016 by Daniel Jeffries where you can get 3-5 posts per month. Average post size of this media is about 4000-6000 words, do not worry about the size, obviously its long but you won’t be bored. He shares a very strong information related to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology which can help you to make or take better decisions. Daniel Jeffries shares a very valuable information related to the Crypto news, trends, condition of Crypto markets, and many more. He writes from the inner core of the heart and his articles are very creative and they are long too. So it is better to sit down and read his articles by enjoying the taste of coffee or the wine.

3. Jimmy Song:

Jimmy song is a single author who shares a very valuable Cryptocurrency and blockchain information to his readers. If you really want to succeed in this Crypto world then you must have to follow Jimmy song articles. In an average Jimmy song post 3 articles per month and the post can be 2000-2500 words long. Let me tell you that Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin educator and the developer and is very talented in explaining complicated things in a very easy and simple way. He explains the Bitcoin development and smart contracts in a practical way. He consistently shares new articles related to the Cryptocurrency news, trends, ideas to invest, and many more. So if you want to be updated about the Cryptocurrency information or knowledge then you can select or choose this media.

4. Brian Armstrong Blog:

Brian Armstrong Blog is established in 2015 by Brian Armstrong. In average this media post 2 articles per month which can be approximately 1500 words long. Let me explain you one thing that Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase. He shares all the necessary information related to the Coinbase to his readers. Brian articles are too much exciting and I swear you really enjoy his high-quality contents. In his articles, he shares each and every necessary information related to the Coinbase to all the readers such as ‘How they make a decision at Coinbase’. So you must have to follow this media or blog site in 2018.

5. Coin and Crypto:

Coin and Crypto is another media which you must have to follow if you really want to get success in the Cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. This media or blog site was established in 2017, in average this media post 3 articles per month and the post size can be 1000 words long. This is one of the medium blogs that you should not miss because this media provides insightful stories, honest analysis, 100% genuine information, and they communicate by using a very simple language. This media will also help you to provide the information related to the trending Altcoins. You can easily get detailed information related to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with one single click. But the thing is that this media is little slow in uploading new articles but when they upload they upload very high-quality content, so it is worth waiting for their contents.
Is it worth to follow Cryptocurrencies blogs in 2018?
I know you might have this question roaming in your mind. So let me clear your doubts:

  1. Cryptocurrencies blogs help you to provide a very detailed information which will surely boost up your Cryptocurrency Career.
  2. Cryptocurrencies blogs are more effective than Cryptocurrencies videos because in some videos you might not understand the accent of the presenters but in blogs, you can read it and understand it without any difficultness.
  3. Blogs are free, easy, and convenience. You don’t have to go to the market to buy it, you can simply read it with one single click.


Therefore, in this technological world, you must be updated to get success in your every work. If you are Crypto traders, miners, or you are engaged in Crypto world then you must have to follow the above-mentioned Media or blogs so that you can get adequate information related to the Cryptocurrency market. With the help of these Media, it will be easier for you all to carry out Cryptocurrency activities. As we all know that little knowledge is very much dangerous so let’s learn in detail about the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with the help of these Media.
Knowledge Reference:

  1. https://bonpay.com/blog/15-awesome-cryptocurrency-blogs/, Site Name: bonpay


Litecoin Technical Price Analysis(Oct 28th)

Litecoin (LTC or Ł) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project released under the MIT/X11 license.Creation and transfer of coins is based on an open source cryptographic protocol and is not managed by any central authority.

Litecoin was an early bitcoin spinoff or altcoin, starting in October 2011 With Litecoin (LTC) improvements in the market, it seems the digital coin is on the rise recording upward value for the past few days showing no sign of holding a break. That is the main reason why many investors and traders are looking into the virtual currency to try and predict its prices before this year ends. It is important to understand that Litecoin (LTC) is far more familiar to Ethereum and Bitcoin than one could expect. Only by understanding their attributes and features is when you will be able to predict its value and price easily (and close-to-perfect).
Litecoin is on its way up with signs of getting higher prices against Bitcoin (BTC) and the US dollar.
The currency is facing a lot of resistance at the 77 US dollar mark.
Right now, Litecoin (LTC) is exchanging at 74.9 US dollars after a price appreciation of 1.09% over the past 24-hours. With respect to this, Litecoin boosts of an impressive $4.32 billion worth of market cap with a trading volume of over 271.6 million over the past one day.
With the way the stock is plummeting, I would advice a quick buy as the currency is heading to the zenith.

Top 5 countries which are interested in the Cryptocurrency

Hello Internet, in today’s generation most of the countries of the world are very much interested in the Cryptocurrency. But there are also various countries where Cryptocurrency or virtual currency is totally banned. But today in this article we are going to explore the top 5 countries who are interested in the Cryptocurrency or who are very active in the Crypto world. Top 5 countries which are very much active in the Crypto world are listed below:

  1. Slovenia
  2. Singapore
  3. Australia
  4. South Africa
  5. Cyprus

Do you want to know the name of the top 10 countries who are interested in the Cryptocurrency? If yes then they are listed below (its bonus):

  1. United Arab Emirates
  2. Ireland
  3. Canada

9. Netherland

  1. St. Helena

Now let’s explore above mentioned top 5 countries in detail:


Slovenia ranked first in this list, it is a European country which is known for its Ski resort, lakes, and mountains. Slovenia is also very much famous and very much active in the Crypto world. Cryptocurrency is not illegal in this country however country is planning to implement Initial Coin Offering (ICO) regulation. Slovenia is an attractive country for Cryptocurrency investment, the country wants to move ahead in technologies and digital world. So due to this reason the government is giving huge focus to the blockchain technology. Slovenia is currently very much busy creating world-first Crypto shopping mall where you can buy any goods and services through bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to bring your physical currency, simply you can pay all the expenses through virtual currency. The name of this shopping mall is BTC City Shopping Mall and it is situated in the capital city of Slovenia.


Singapore is in the second position in this list, it is sovereign country located in Southeast Asia which is a global financial hub. Cryptocurrencies are totally legal in Singapore, there is a taxation system for cryptocurrencies as well. It is clearly stated that any business that deals with bitcoin currency exchange then it will be taxed according to their bitcoin sales. Singapore is moving very fast in the Cryptocurrency world and it could be the first country to fully embrace cryptocurrencies. Singapore was the first country who started regulating the usage of virtual currency in 2014 by imposing a certain percentage of tax. Cryptocurrency has a very strong government support in Singapore and the authorities in Singapore is very much interested in applying blockchain technology to their advantage. We can find various shops and café in Singapore which accept the digital currency. Asia first Cryptocurrency visa debit card is about to come to a Singapore which will be linked to fiat and Crypto wallets.


Australia is one of the richest countries in the world. We can find people from all over the world staying in Australia for study, employment, and for other purposes. Similarly, Australia is equally famous for Cryptocurrency trading, Australia is in the third position in this list. Cryptocurrency is totally legal in this country, on 1st July 2017 Australia has confessed that they will treat Cryptocurrencies same as money. The market of Australia for bitcoin is growing very rapidly, in April 2018 Australian dollar saw volumes of 276 BTC over a just 24 hour period. The Australian government had already implemented a new system on Cryptocurrency exchange. According to this system now digital currency exchanges which are located in Australia must have to register AUSTRAC and it must have to meet Government policies. Many bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies investors are emerging and growing in this country because it is very easy and secure and has a very strong government support.

4.South Africa:

South Africa is a beautiful country whose official name is ‘The Republic of South Africa’. South Africa is also very much active in the Cryptocurrency and its industry is booming and moving at a very high speed. In December 2014 the reserve bank of South Africa issued a position paper and in that paper, it is stated that digital currencies had no any legal status. South Africa had already classified bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies as an Intangible asset. South African are purchasing huge Cryptocurrencies and the exchange options are still growing at a very high speed. Recently in South Africa, new Cryptocurrency platform BitFund is already launched which offers access to approximately 20 largest virtual currencies worldwide. Let me tell you that in South Africa the safest, easiest, and convenient way to get investment exposure in Cryptocurrencies world is by buying Bitcoin and Ethereum. In this country, we can find several stores accepting virtual currencies or digital currencies.


Cyprus is another beautiful country which is located in the south of turkey, and west of Syria and Lebanon. In this list, Cyprus is in the fifth position. Cryptocurrencies are totally legal and the use of bitcoin is not regulated here. In Cyprus, we can find the University named ‘The University of Nicosia’ which offers a program in Cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This university was the first school offering these kinds of program, this university came in existence to fulfill the gap between the supply and demand in the field of virtual currencies. Recently Ripple blockchain had donated approximately 50 million USD to all the Universities of the world including University of Nicosia to create awareness about the Cryptocurrency or virtual currency. Cyprus is very much attentive and focused on virtual currency, this country believes that education on Cryptocurrencies and blockchain is very much important. Due to this reason, Cryptocurrencies industry of Cyprus is moving at a rapid speed.


Cryptocurrencies are a virtual currency which is not controlled by any institution, it allows its users to conduct the transaction electronically. In this technology world many countries have accepted digital currencies and in many countries, it is totally banned. It has both advantages and disadvantages, acceptance and rejection depend upon country policies. Thus, in the above paragraphs, we have talked about the top 5 most active countries in the Cryptocurrencies world and the above data is based on Google trends.

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  3. https://cointelegraph.com/tags/singapore, Site Name: COINTELEGRAPH
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  5. https://goo.gl/Jgnq6y, Site Name: TECH CENTRAL
  6. https://goo.gl/u6LKdz, Site Name: FXSTREET

TOP5 Cryptocurrency youtube channel you should follow in 2018

In this 21st-century science and technology is developing rapidly, people are more busy in developing, and regulating new technologies. Cryptocurrency is also one of the developments of human, it is a digital currency which will help you to do transaction electronically. In today’s context millions of people of the world are engaged in Crypto mining or Crypto trading, so to be successful and to earn decent income we must be updated. YouTube plays a vital role in providing new knowledge, information related to Cryptocurrencies. YouTube is a video sharing website where you can get every video you want to watch. We can find several videos or several YouTube channels related to Cryptocurrencies and blockchain. But in this article, I am going to tell you the top 5 Cryptocurrency channels you must follow in 2018 or you must subscribe to it. So let’s start the list:

  1. DataDash
  2. Crypto Daily
  3. Suppoman
  4. Ivan on Tech
  5. Coin Mastery

Let’s explore more 5 YouTube channels for your convenience:

  1. Crypto News
  2. Chris Dunn
  3. They call me Dan
  4. Crypto Lark
  5. Crypto

Thus, above-mentioned points are the top 10 Cryptocurrency YouTube channels you should not miss if you are engaged in this Crypto world. Now let’s discuss in detail about top 5 Cryptocurrency YouTube channels:

1. DataDash:

DataDash YouTube channel ranked first in this list, this YouTube channel is run by Nicholas Merten who is a data analyst as well as Crypto trader. He has great knowledge and experience related to Cryptocurrency and in his videos, he provides honest analysis. He always explains in detail about flow charts which helps you to take a very strong decision on your Cryptocurrency plays. He uploads approximately 4 videos per week and every video is the mixture of news, trade recommendation, interviews, and coin analysis. DataDash YouTube channel was opened in July 2017.
What about DataDash Total Subscribers and Lifetime Views up to October 23, 2018?
Total Subscribers = 315,531
The lifetime views = 16,780,548

2. Crypto Daily:

Crypto Daily is another YouTube channel which you should follow in 2018. The owner of Crypto Daily YouTube channel belongs from the United Kingdom who approximately uploads 1-2 videos per week. This YouTube channel help you to provide current news, and trends related to Cryptocurrencies. This channel will provide you detail knowledge about Cryptocurrency without making you bore. It employee sarcasm, and satire for making each and every video more enjoyable. Let me tell you one interesting fact that this channel is not concentrated only on news, and analysis but also makes Crypto music video. Crypto Daily YouTube channel was opened in August 2014.
What about Crypto Daily Total Subscribers and Lifetime Views up to October 23, 2018?
Total Subscribers: 111948
The lifetime views: 7,612,782

3. Suppoman:

Suppoman is another Crypto YouTube Channel which is in the third position in this list. This channel is hosted by a Cryptocurrency expert which will help you to provide detailed information about Cryptocurrency market, this channel will also teach you how to trade and how to invest in Cryptocurrency. This channel conducts technical analysis, coin analysis, and ICO analysis. The owner of this YouTube channel is also active in Udemy and teaches Cryptocurrency courses for just $10. He also provides you honest reviews which helps you to take a better decision on your investment plays. Suppoman YouTube channel was opened on August 2011.
What about Suppoman Total Subscribers and Lifetime Views up to October 23, 2018?
Total Subscribers: 147,046
Total lifetime views: 13,500,745

4. Ivan on Tech:

Ivan on Tech YouTube channel is one of the most popular and valuable Cryptocurrency YouTube channel which is hosted by an international blockchain speaker named Ivan Lijeqvist and he is from Sweden. In his videos he explains the technical aspects of the market, he explains trending news related to Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Let me tell you that Ivan Lijeqvist is a software developer who specializes in the blockchain. He uploads at least 6 videos per week which will surely help you to get updated about the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This channel was opened in July 2013.
What about Ivan on Tech Total Subscribers and Lifetime Views up to October 23, 2018?
Total Subscribers: 189,714
Total lifetime views: 11,044,933

5. Coin Mastery:

In this list, Coin Mastery is in Fifth Position, this YouTube channel delivers daily updates on the Cryptocurrency market from Monday to Friday. If you want a very strong idea of a current pulse of the Cryptocurrency market and the community then you must have to follow this amazing YouTube channel. But let me tell you one thing, currently, this channel is not more active but he will be back soon and will deliver the information, and the latest trends related to Cryptocurrency market. The content of this channel is of high quality, he uses simple language which will be more effective for beginners. If you want to progress and wants to get success in the Cryptocurrency world then you must have to follow this YouTube channel. Coin Mastery YouTube channel was opened in July 2017.
What about Coin Mastery Total Subscribers and Lifetime Views up to October 23, 2018?
Total Subscribers: 131,203
Total lifetime views: 6,652,590
Why you should follow Cryptocurrency YouTube channels?
If you are engaged in the Cryptocurrency market then you must have to follow the Cryptocurrency YouTube channels because:
1. YouTube channel will help you to get updated about the Cryptocurrency market.
2. It is very much easy, and convenient. You can watch any videos wherever and whenever you want.
3. It is totally free, you don’t have to pay a single penny to watch the videos.
4. Cryptocurrency YouTube channels help you to take a very positive decision on your investment plays.


Therefore, Cryptocurrency YouTube channels are the best source of information, you must follow it so that you will be updated about the latest trends, news, and many more related to the Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. There are several YouTube channels but I strongly recommend you to watch above mentioned YouTube channels and I swear you will surely get benefit from their contents.


Knowledge References:

  1. https://goo.gl/h1ZaNF, Site Name: ITS BLOCKCHAIN BLOG
  2. https://goo.gl/omX7GH, Site Name: THAT CRYPTO HUSTLE


The Constantinople Update with Ethereum

Ethereum’s developers’, on September 17, 2018 announced that they’ll be launching the most awaited hard fork called Constantinople in November 2018. However, only a couple days ago, Ethereum developers released a public statement saying that they failed to upgrade the hard fork and are having to deal with some serious issues, which might cause delays in its launch.

How Big Will be the Delay?

Ethereum was supposed to be activated on block 4,230,000 of Ropsten. On October 13, the block was mined but it showed almost zero transactions. Ropsten has come to a standstill, according to Blockscout and Etherscan, two websites that write blogs about Ethereum. Parity release manager, Afri Schoedon, feels that cause of stalling is less number of miners available Ropsten to upgrade and keep up with the recently released blockchain forward.
He also mentioned that like his company, all other companies have come to standstill because there is no fixed Constantinople block until now. He requested Ethereum to fire up Ropsten nodes or computer servers to find a block for the hard fork. Peter Szilagyi, a developer from Ethereum, said that if someone is available to reach Casey Detrio and Anton Nashatyrev, developers responsible for Constantinople, then they will be able to access Geth node start the mining process.

Frozen Ropsten testnet

On the other hand, Schoedon doesn’t think it is right to upgrade on a weekend. Even though Ropsten testnet is currently frozen, Ethereum developers are working round the clock to solve the issue. All this happened because Ethereum didn’t have enough developers to upgrade client database. It was Martin Holst Swende who found out the bug. We hope that this situation doesn’t delay the launch because the code hasn’t been tested yet.

When Can You Expect the Hard Fork?

Despite all the delays, Ether developers plans to launch Constantinople by late November. It will change the way world’s second largest blockchain works by introducing five improvements. However, there are some blockchain-based companies like Giveth that think it won’t be released until January 2019.
Ethereum Foundation recently distributed grants worth $3 million to blockchain startups and developers. This is fourth of its kind and is aimed at improving usability, client diversity, scalability, and security.



What is XRP(Ripple)? Detail explanation for beginners

What is XRP?

XRP is a token utilized for speaking to the exchange of significant worth over the Ripple Network. The fundamental motivation behind XRP is to be a go between for other – both cryptographic forms of money and fiat – trades. The most ideal approach to depict XRP is a ‘Joker’. Not the dreadful Batman adversary, but rather the card that can be some other card. On the off chance that you need to trade dollars to euro, it very well may be dollar with dollars and euro with euros to limit the commission. As featured over, the exchange cost on Ripple is $0.00001.

What is Ripple used for?

  •       Low commission money trade. There are numerous monetary standards that can’t be straightforwardly changed over to one another. In this way, banks need to utilize the US dollar as a middle person. Along these lines, there is a twofold commission: changing over cash A to USD and USD to money B. Ripple is a middle person as well, however substantially less expensive than USD.
  •       Quick universal exchanges. Normal exchange time is 4 seconds. Contrast it with hour or more for Bitcoin and a couple of days for standard managing an account framework.
  •       Installment biological community. Client can essentially issue his own money for quick and shoddy exchange. For instance, one can make a cash to purchase and see vintage vinyls or activity figures between the authorities.

Ripple xCurrent

xCurrent is Ripple’s endeavor arrangement that is in charge of encouraging the immediate settlement and end-to-end following of cross-outskirt installments between RippleNet individuals. There are four key parts that comprise Ripple’s xCurrent:

  •  Messenger:This is the application programming interface (API), bidirectional messaging element of Ripple xCurrent. The purpose of this component is to establish a link between transacting banks, in order to connect the beneficiary bank’s Messenger to exchange information such as: ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC), risk, fees, FX rates and payment details. Every end-to-end payment that is made using xCurrent possesses a payment ID that can be used to determine the status of the payment at any point during execution. Which makes it especially useful in providing effective troubleshooting for failed or delayed payments.
  • Validator:The function of the validator component in Ripple xCurrent is to cryptographically confirm the success or failure of a payment. This component serves as a single source of truth for transacting parties, whilst also making sure to preserve the privacy of bank customers.
  • ILP Ledger: The ILP ledger, also known as ‘The Interledger Protocol’, is an open and neutral protocol that enables interoperation between different ledgers and payment networks. This xCurrent feature is used to monitor the credits, debits and liquidity across various transacting parties. ILP enables transacting parties to settle funds atomically, meaning that transactions can settle instantly or not at all. Furthermore, ILP also allows funds to be settled instantaneously.
  • FX Ticker – This segment of xCurrent advances trade between ILP Ledgers by enabling liquidity suppliers to post FX rates. The FX Ticker gives the rate of trade between any match of records that it is designed to. It likewise monitors the record, cash and confirmation accreditations for each arranged ILP Ledger. Amid an exchange, the FX Ticker will arrange exchanges on ILP Ledgers for settlement, guarantee the legitimacy of a FX quote, and furthermore exchange the installment add up to the recipient bank’s ILP record.

What is xVia?

xVia as characterized by Ripple.com, is for corporates, installment suppliers and banks who need to send installments crosswise over different systems utilizing a standard interface. xVia’s straightforward API requires no product establishment and empowers clients to consistently send installments all around with straightforwardness into the installment status and with rich data, similar to solicitations, connected.

What is xRapid?

xRapid by Ripple is an answer that is brought by the blockchain and digital currency organization Ripple. xRapid is an item that is exclusively gone for money related foundations and banks.
xRapid by Ripple basically encourages ease liquidity. It is an interface that permits cross-outskirt installments utilizing the environment’s local token XRP.
Utilizing the advanced resource XRP, xRapid offers minimal effort and on-request liquidity. Added to these two lifts in client encounter, the arrangement additionally cuts down the capital edges required to keep up and support high liquidity requests.
xRapid, similar to the case with most Ripple items, is gone for money related organizations, banks, and installment suppliers. The item expects to cut down their cost edges and the measure of time and asset that is spent on a procedure that should be possible in merely minutes.
The quantity of organizations prepared to completely execute Ripple’s XRP-fueled installment item xRapid is developing.
Ripple made xRapid to give budgetary organizations a constant settlement arrangement that uses XRP to build the speed and liquidity of cross-outskirt installments.
Chris Larsen, one of Ripple’s prime supporters, as of late portrayed precisely how the innovation can be used, utilizing a cross-fringe installment from the US to Mexico for instance.

7 Ripple Partners Ready to Use xRapid

Crypto exchanges Bittrex, Bitso and Coins.ph are the latest partners that will use xRapid to send instant cross-border payments with low fees.
London-based Mercury FX is also on board, after recently completing a pilot test and calling the raw speed of xRapid “unbelieveable.”
SBI’s new crypto trade, SBI Virtual Currencies, is additionally anticipating joining xRapid to enable money related foundations to send cross outskirt installments.
Cuallix, an organization that works in the US, Mexico and Hong Kong, and offers the unbanked an approach to make universal installments, is likewise getting ready to go into creation. To wrap things up, Canadian cross-outskirt installments organization Zip Remit, a long-term patron of XRP, is ready too.
Notwithstanding the seven organizations over, some of extra organizations are formally steering xRapid, including IDT partnership, MoneyGram and Cambridge Global Payments.
Western Union as of late declared that its pilot of xRapid did not spare the organization time or cash. Ripple says the outcomes indicate littler money related establishments and new companies will probably at first observe noteworthy funds with the innovation.
Sagar Sarbhai, Ripple’s head of administrative relations for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, as of late said the organization is preparing for xRapid’s authentic dispatch in about multi month.

The Process

xRapid by Ripple basically is an installment arrangement that encourages continuous, minimal effort cross-fringe installments. The item guarantees minimal effort liquidity to banks and money related organizations, without trading off on client experience and client benefit.
The xRapid by Ripple arrangement experiences four primary advances while sending assets crosswise over outskirts. Out of these four, the client just needs to perform one, the others are done consequently by the interface itself.
Expect that assets are being sent from America to Mexico and that the exchange begins in USD and needs to end in MXN. These are the means of the exchange.

  •       Step 1. Enter the amount and confirm
  •       Step 2. USD converted to XRP
  •       Step 3. XRP converted to MXN
  •       Step 4. MXN Remitted